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This mom’s thoughts on Father’s Day

In My Own Little World by Aubrey Broussard I was recently asked to write, and deliver, a speech regarding my thoughts on Father’s Day. As a single mom, this is somewhat challenging, as I myself have experienced little to no actual parenting assistance from any father but my own. Playing duel-parenting roles in my family has […]

Digging for the roots

The Way I See It by Don West If Dad was still alive, he would be 104 today. Born June 15, 1913, in Morse, he lived for 70 years, and hopefully God is merciful and both he and I will find grace and forgiveness in the hereafter.  I certainly have the bulldog tenacity that is […]

Every picture tells a story

Lessons Learned by Glenetta Shuey From the first step into my home, you know that I am a lover of photographs. They are everywhere, even in my kitchen, covering my fridge. Framed photographs are on nearly every wall in every room, on my mantelpiece, and even moreso in my office. Horace, Latin lyric poet and […]

Some never grow up

The Way I See It by Don West As I walked toward the entrance of the grocery yesterday, I was drawn, by the noise, to a pickup truck coming through the parking lot that was looking for a place to park. The driver had one foot on the accelerator, one on the brake, and would […]

Granny moments

Lessons Learned by Glenetta Shuey I have this feeling that comes over me at the rarest times; those times are always when I am watching my grandkids do something special, or even when they are simply sleeping  (or, should I say, especially when they are sleeping). It is not something I can put into words easily, […]

Storms on the Hill, floods in the valleys

The Way I See It by Don West The 2017 hurricane season begins today and the weather gurus have begun to predict how many storms we may have. Though I have much faith in one or two of those guys, the rest of them come and go as often as I change shirts.  Their prognostication […]

Running the stress away

In My Own Little World by Aubrey Broussard About a month ago, I began running again. I know, I don’t look like a runner. This body was definitely built for comfort, not speed. Believe it or not, I really do run; slowly, painfully and with lots of walking, but I run. It all started about […]

Keep ignoring the obvious

The Way I See It by Don West The taxpayers of this nation are in imminent danger as both Congress and the Louisiana legislature are in session. Trump’s followers are doing anything and everything possible to finalize a bill or bills that will get through Congress to displace, dismantle, or discredit Obamacare, and you can […]

Just checking in

Lessons Learned by Glenetta Shuey “It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.” These are the words of the Chinese philosopher, Confucius (551 B.C. – 479 B.C). These words also reflect my reality these days. Suffering from an incurable and rare disorder certainly puts everything in a new […]

Never again (again)

I’m Just Sayin’ by Sheila Smith I am once again announcing that I have quit smoking cigarettes — again. To skip the usual mumbo jumbo about health, the expense of a nicotine addiction and yada yada yada, let me just give you a rundown of what this past week has been like: • Sunday – I smoked […]

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