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One month in April

by SARAH MORRISON STEPHENS This time four years ago I was back home in Louisiana spending a month with my little mama, Jeanette Holland Morrison. My father had died four months earlier. Three days after his funeral my mother went into the hospital and never rebounded. She had spent those four months in the hospital […]

We can adjust

The Way I See It by DON WEST Well, you know God has a sense of humor. He just had to poke fun at Al Gore and his global warming buddies one more time before winter was done. Unfortunately, he may have caught the flower and tomato growers by surprise. I hate that because my […]

Turning the tables

Lessons Learned by GLENETTA SHUEY Driving behind a vehicle recently, I saw a bumper sticker that read: “Live long enough to embarrass your kids.” I laughed aloud in the privacy of my car because it made me remember the many times my girls said or did things that I considered embarrassing! But the laughter truly […]

Dr. Seuss trumps Lady Liberty every time

I’m Just Sayin’ by SHEILA SMITH I walked in to the Iota Branch of the Acadia Parish Library recently and told the librarian, “I’d like a library card, please.” “Sure, I just need a picture ID and two forms of proof of residency,” she replied. Library card applications have apparently come a long way since […]

Where has time gone?

The Way I See It by DON WEST Where has the time gone? It seems like only yesterday that we walked the hallowed halls of old Jennings High School and yet, on the last weekend of April, the Class of 1964 will gather for our 50th reunion. Where has the time gone? Well, it went […]

Keep trying… and learning

Lessons Learned by GLENETTA SHUEY As a school teacher, I learned much more than I taught! That is a fact! Every year of my 30 years in the classroom I learned something new. I learned that some times we educators don’t follow our own advice or listen well enough. Humbling is one way to express […]

Time to say goodbye to your hard-earned money

The Way I See It by DON WEST Spring has sprung, flowers are blooming, tomato plants are finally in the ground and the great annual money grab is just days away. April 15 looms large, and if Washington hasn’t fleeced you yet, you have just 12 days to say your goodbyes to your hard-earned cash. […]

Thank those who have fought for our freedom

Lessons Learned by GLENETTA SHUEY I love to travel, and often in my travels, I sit and wait in many airports. Everywhere I go I see soldiers dressed in uniforms waiting for another plane to take them back to their next detail. I always go up to each one and thank them for their service. […]

Why even have a speed limit?

The Way I See It by DON WEST Well, who woulda thunk it? One of our state representatives has come out against cameras on the interstate highways to regulate speeders. Our governing bodies seem to have a habit of passing laws that apply to everyone except them. Rep. Mike Danahay (D), from Sulphur, says traffic […]

My love is a little stronger

Lessons Learned by GLENETTA SHUEY As an old English teacher, I have many favorite stories, books, and poems and, of course, some favorite lines. One of the lines that I love is from Walt Whitman’s poem, “I Sing the Body Electric.” It is quite simple: “I have learned that to be with those I like […]

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