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It’s not a forum, it’s Mortal Kombat

I’m Just Sayin’ by SHEILA SMITH I was pulling newsroom’s mail from its box in the front office. Amid the meeting agendas, public service announcements, public submissions and a copy of PETA magazine (seriously, who signed us up for that?) was a large manila envelope. It was addressed to no one in particular. In fact, […]

Happy Fall, ya’ll!

In My Own Little World by AUBREY BROUSSARD Did you feel that cool front that came in this week? I mean did you step outside that first cool, crisp morning and really feel it? Oh boy, I sure did. I love fall. This is my absolute favorite time of year and I know I’m not […]

Small but sure

Lessons Learned by GLENETTA SHUEY Years ago, like every other teen, I had all sorts of ambitions. I was a little thing. The shortest in my class, and, at one time, believe it or not, somewhat introverted. I grew out of that, but didn’t grow much otherwise. My hope was to be a trial lawyer […]

No football for me, thanks

In My Own Little World By AUBREY BROUSSARD So, I understand football season is here and I have a confession to make – I don’t watch football. At all. I know that’s a big deal around here and I’m probably going to get some flack for it but I just couldn’t care less. Please don’t […]

Fall is in the air – A downfall of our nation

The Way I See It by DON WEST Fall is in the air – sometimes. The weather is just teasing us at this point, but the Bulldogs are rolling, the Saints are rolling over and the Tigers are bowling over the meager opponents they have played so far. Hopefully, when the seasons end, all area […]

Transforming into Clairee

Lessons Learned by GLENETTA SHUEY In 1996 and in 2004, I played the character, M’Lynn Eatenton, in A Block Off Broadway’s productions of the modern classic, Steel Magnolias. It was a raw and emotional role. I still know all of M’lynn’s lines. Funny how that is. Now, 10 years later, it is not so easy […]

Take a day to feel guilty

I’m Just Sayin’ by SHEILA SMITH I’m not sure we’re supposed to celebrate holidays at all. They always seem to have a dark side.  When you think “holiday,” you think of family, traveling, cookouts, shopping, time off – happy things, really, but there is always that other side of the coin: • Positive – “Happy […]

The blink of an eye

In My Own Little World by AUBREY BROUSSARD Our lives can be completely changed in the blink of an eye. One minute you might be just be-boppin’ along through the humdrum daily grind of life, when BAM! Your life is turned upside down and everything you knew can be completely upheaved. Tomorrow is never guaranteed.  […]

Exercising for a cause

Lessons Learned by GLENETTA SHUEY Exercise has always been important to me, and since I can remember I have loved music and dancing. Inevitably then, it makes sense that I would have combined the two, which I have done over the past few years.  In my late 40’s, I took up belly dancing. Yes, yes, […]

Cold water, wet blankets

In My Own Little World by AUBREY BROUSSARD Anyone who is a part of any social media website knows what it’s like to be bombarded with videos, images, and the ever present critical protests and complaints. One of the most recent fads circulating lately is the “cold water challenge” or “ice bucket challenge”. In case […]

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