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Seeking peace at Christmas

The Way I See It by Don West All I want for Christmas is peace for all of mankind.  Today I saw in the news where a driver shot at a grandmother because she wasn’t driving fast enough away from a stop sign.  I don’t think he will find peace.  He killed her three-year-old grandson.  […]

Spitting in the wind

Lessons Learned by Glenetta Shuey Wise sayings or adages are part of our literature and often are incorporated in the philosophy of our lives. In our family, some sayings were not so sage or eloquent, but they were memorable and usually on point. My dad was the master of silly sayings. My Momma had her […]

Christmas Tree Failure

In My Own Little World by Aubrey Broussard It’s ok not to have it all together, all the time, or even some of the time. I repeat these words to myself often. As a single mom with a full-time job, a busy schedule and a house full of teenagers with their own agendas, I have […]

A trip down memory lane

The Way I See It by Don West This is a great time of the year for friends and families to gather, share a meal, recall fond memories of the past and enjoy friendships from today and yesterday.  We recently had the opportunity to gather with friends from high school when a classmate of Bobbye’s […]

I want a magic wand

Lessons Learned by Glenetta Shuey How many times have you wished  that you could  vaporize out of a conversation just to escape the ramblings of some  self-centered person?  It brings to  mind the character that  actress Elizabeth Montgomery played years ago on the series, Bewitched. She would just twitch her nose, and she could disappear, […]

Keyboard warriors, quit complaining

In My Own Little World by Aubrey Broussard Ever notice how brave and opinionated people become when they complain on public forum about an issue, a business or even a loved one? Do you think they’d be half that brave if they were speaking to their intended target face to face? I’m inclined to believe […]

I would do it all over again

The Way I See It by Don West We watched a television movie this past week and the theme allowed the main character to relive a part of her life whereby she chose a different path than the one she actually had lived. Bobbye and I later discussed that fictional possibility and we each offered […]

Listen to each other, not the media

I’m Just Sayin’ by Sheila Smith I believe most people would agree that the current state of major media is out of control. However, I feel the public has allowed this to happen and encourages this to continue. In this past year and a half, it has become increasingly harder to find a trustworthy source […]

Heavy burdens make strong women

In My Own Little World by Aubrey Broussard “You’re one of the strongest women I’ve ever met.” I hear this often but to be perfectly honest, I don’t feel strong. I’m just living. I know plenty of women much stronger than I am and to me, they deserve way more credit than I do. But […]

To shop or not to shop

In My Own Little World by Aubrey Broussard I am not a Black Friday shopper and I sure as heck won’t spend my Thanksgiving Day or night doing that, either. I don’t care how much money it would save me. No dollar amount is worth the effort required to fight with a bunch of random strangers […]

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