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We must all become better listeners and learners

The Way I See It by DON WEST Each week, many of my readers pick up the paper wondering if I am going to be beating up the liberal administration in Washington or reminding the conservatives of our need to love and care for one another.  Many would say that this column is “mindless swill”. […]

Cherish our children

Lessons Learned by GLENETTA SHUEY I was fortunate to grow up in a family with seven siblings, and for the most part, we were physically well. We played, and ran around, and drove my poor parents to distraction. If they were still with me, I wager to say they would have not changed a thing.  […]

Hopefully, more of old Jennings can be preserved

The Way I See It by DON WEST Having grown up and been a member of the community most of my life, I drive down Main Street and see the progress that is being made with the new city hall and I smile. Though government always has its critics, and I certainly can be counted […]

Tech savvy? Not this lady….

Lessons Learned by GLENETTA SHUEY When my grandson, who was a mere five years old at the time, had to show me how to take a picture with my IPad, I knew I was in over my head. I had to ask what a “selfie” was and that was just the beginning.  A few years […]

Where are you going in such a hurry?

I’m Just Sayin’ by SHEILA SMITH You may not know it but there is a popular saying regarding runners: “I don’t trust them; they are always the one to find bodies.”  If you have ever watched an episode of any “Law and Order” series where a victim or corpse was discovered in a park, you […]

Finally, Broadway!

Lessons Learned by GLENETTA SHUEY From the time I took theatre classes in high school, I knew I was hooked. I went to every play I could afford to attend in our area. My love of theatre only intensified with my college courses and participation in theatre productions, mostly learning about backstage work. I had […]

Just keep believing the empty promises

The Way I See It by DON WEST If you haven’t noticed already, there are a number of scams that are circulating through our area. Although some are created by greed of others, most are based on the greed of each of us. You’ve heard it said many times, “if it sounds too good to […]

A gift or a curse?

Lessons Learned by GLENETTA SHUEY We Cajuns are known for our good food, hospitality, and our traditions and superstitions. Growing up in Southwest Louisiana was an experience I would never trade.  I learned to two-step before I was 10 years old and grew to love the melodic exchanges of Cajun French among my relatives. I […]

Laughing at ourselves

I  have always loved laughing, even if it is at myself. This week, my eight-year-old grandson asked me this week if I was famous! I was taken aback, but I tried to stifle the laughter because he was so serious.  I explained to him that I was not famous, but I did know many people […]

It’s almost that time again

I’m Just Sayin’ by SHEILA SMITH We are approaching the middle of July, which means school is only weeks away. Some of you might be excited about this; some may not. It’s a time of year we are accustomed to, even though the details of summer and school have changed since each of us have […]

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