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Keyboard warriors, quit complaining

In My Own Little World by Aubrey Broussard Ever notice how brave and opinionated people become when they complain on public forum about an issue, a business or even a loved one? Do you think they’d be half that brave if they were speaking to their intended target face to face? I’m inclined to believe […]

I would do it all over again

The Way I See It by Don West We watched a television movie this past week and the theme allowed the main character to relive a part of her life whereby she chose a different path than the one she actually had lived. Bobbye and I later discussed that fictional possibility and we each offered […]

Listen to each other, not the media

I’m Just Sayin’ by Sheila Smith I believe most people would agree that the current state of major media is out of control. However, I feel the public has allowed this to happen and encourages this to continue. In this past year and a half, it has become increasingly harder to find a trustworthy source […]

Heavy burdens make strong women

In My Own Little World by Aubrey Broussard “You’re one of the strongest women I’ve ever met.” I hear this often but to be perfectly honest, I don’t feel strong. I’m just living. I know plenty of women much stronger than I am and to me, they deserve way more credit than I do. But […]

To shop or not to shop

In My Own Little World by Aubrey Broussard I am not a Black Friday shopper and I sure as heck won’t spend my Thanksgiving Day or night doing that, either. I don’t care how much money it would save me. No dollar amount is worth the effort required to fight with a bunch of random strangers […]

Share your talents

The Way I See It by Don West I remember a sermon or homily given a few years ago, and the focus was the use of our talents. The story of the three men given varying sums of money and the use of the money while it was under each man’s care held my interest.  One […]

Bulletin board memories

In My Own Little World by Aubrey Broussard I keep a large bulletin board in my home and one in my office at work, as well. They are filled with a collection of some of my fondest memories. I realize that doesn’t sound very interesting, but it really is. They actually tell very interesting stories. Years […]

It’s time to clean up

The Way I See It by Don West The only thing that we know for sure is that the next four years in Washington will not be the same as the past eight years. We are in for change, and it is not the promised “hope and change” that was espoused in 2008, but a […]

Memory: sin or salvation?

Lessons Learned by Glenetta Shuey “What was I talking about?”  “What was her name?” “Where did I put that again?” “Was that today?” These are questions that I have asked all too many times, and I am fairly sure that some of you out there are in the same predicament. I recently read an article […]

Buy high, sell low

The Way I See It by Don West I am watching the stock market very closely as I prepare this column on Election Day.  If the liberals elect Clinton and the gang, marijuana stocks will rise significantly. There will be more potheads per capita in Washington than fleas in a circus. It may be the only […]

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