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If I build it, no one will come

The Way I See It by DON WEST Drought then flood, then drought, then flood. We must be in Southwest Louisiana. We have about a zillion dollars invested in our yard with flowers, dirt, fertilizer, plant food, mulch, fruit trees, berries, tools, labor and all the other paraphernalia that accompanies home ownership. So, if the […]

Dad’s brand of humor

Lessons Learned by GLENETTA SHUEY When it comes to dads, many of us would argue that ours is the best! I would be among them. My dad passed away on Dec. 26, 2008, at 85. He is sorely missed. When you mention the name Norace Benoit in Lake Arthur, you get such wonderful comments and […]

Here comes the BOOM

I’m Just Sayin’ by SHEILA SMITH Let’s cut to the chase on this fine Sunday: the use of tannerite needs to be banned or face serious restrictions. Yes, I know this column is going to make several people unhappy. You know what makes me unhappy? When my house shakes with every tannerite explosion. Especially in […]

Sharing some fond memories of Central School

The Way I See It by DON WEST When I was in the second grade at Central School, Moby Miller pushed me off the slide and broke my right arm. He is still trying to make up with me for that dastardly deed, but I don’t forgive and forget that easily. He calls me from […]

The Mt. Sinai maze

Lessons Learned by GLENETTA SHUEY Second visit to Mt. Sinai for more tests and seeing my kind and knowledgeable doctor completed. Round two! Mount Sinai Hospital, founded in 1852, is one of the oldest and largest teaching hospitals in the United States. In 2011-2012, Mount Sinai Hospital was ranked as one of America’s best hospitals […]

You can’t “un-ring” a bell!

Lessons Learned by GLENETTA SHUEY Many myths surround the idea of the role of the doctor: they are not all wealthy, they are not all without bedside manner, and many rarely have time to take even a short vacation. Fortunately, many will do the best they can for you, and if they believe you need […]

The most precious gift is family

The Way I See It by DON WEST I grew up with a cane fishing pole in my hands on every occasion possible. There was an irrigation canal that made a dogleg on East Division and I spent many hours sitting on the bank there waiting for that big bite. Most of the time all […]

Taking a stand

Lessons Learned by GLENETTA SHUEY A small, white cross stands upright in a ditch off a rural highway as a reminder to passers-by of someone’s life and death. That emblem is seen in many places, but this particular one represents Gary Conner, my brother-in-law, my baby sister’s first love. When their vehicle was struck by […]

Laughter through pain

Lessons Learned by GLENETTA SHUEY Some of us remember the famous silent era comic actor, Charlie Chaplin. He was known for his unusual antics on screen. Of laughter he said, “Laughter is the tonic, the relief, the surcease for pain.” A serious quote from a man who made his living making people laugh! If you […]

There is nothing free in this life

The Way I See It by DON WEST My brother, Tim, sent me a list last week that I find quite interesting, so I am passing it along to all of you for your consideration. The list is about social conundrums. A conundrum is a thought or communication that is puzzling or confusing. For example, […]

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