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All dogs go to Heaven (Vol. II)

I’m Just Sayin’ by Sheila Smith Yoda the rescued dog was adored by my sister, her husband and their three boys the minute they brought the then-eight-week-old pup home two years ago. Everything was a toy to him and every human a potential friend. He had the most adorable underbite that he used to inhale […]

Society is disconnected

In My Own Little World by Aubrey Broussard I heard a program on the radio last week about how we as a society have slowly adopted the general attitude that independence from one another is somehow better than connection. As a community, we’ve become more focused on our solitude than each other. Each of us has […]

Where did all this come from?

The Way I See It by Don West Fifty years ago, I was into my fourth week of US Navy boot camp and wondering what I had got myself into. Fast forward 50 years and we are preparing for a garage sale on Saturday – and I am wondering what I have got myself into. […]

Cajun and proud

Lessons Learned by Glenetta Shuey When I was growing up, I remember being somewhat embarrassed by the label “Cajun”. My parents went out of their way to make sure that we did not use the Cajun dialect. Now, of course, being Cajun seems to be all the rage. On my many visits to New York […]

Do great things with humility

In My Own Little World by Aubrey Broussard One of the most difficult things in life is doing good for our fellow man and without expecting anything in return. We might say we don’t want anything but in truth, when we do something for others, even just for the sake of gratitude, that’s wanting something. […]

God Bless Charlie

The Way I See It by Don West This past Saturday, a standing-room only crowd gathered to pay homage to a local hero, Donald “Charlie” Gillett, a casualty of the Vietnam War. A friend of his, some time ago, approached the leaders of the Town of Welsh and requested that the La. 99 overpass at […]

Something new

Lessons Learned by Glenetta Shuey Getting ready for a trip is one thing,  but getting ready for a trip that entails a long stay in combination with a surgery that is quite complex and a bit scary was my predicament two weeks ago. As someone who truly dislikes cold weather, this  was also going to […]

To every time there is a season

In My Own Little World by Aubrey Broussard You never know what kind of impact you can have on a person. What might not be significant to you or anyone else at one particular time might be profoundly life-changing for another. I know I’ve said this often but I firmly believe people are put in […]

Reflecting on experiences

The Way I See It by Don West What makes us decide to give up? When do we say, “I’ve had enough. I can no longer pursue this effort.” Daily, in our lives, we make decisions to quit or give up.  Maybe we have pursued a goal and we have gone as far as we […]

Protecting life sometimes means shedding blood

The Way I See It by Don West This Sunday past, February 19, 2017 marked the 50th anniversary of the day I wrote that blank check to Uncle Sam.  History found us in the pre-stages of the biggest troop buildup in Vietnam of the entire war.  Those of us who enlisted or were drafted had […]

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