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Phone etiquette?

Lessons Learned by GLENETTA SHUEY Party lines. No, not lines going into a party. Party phone lines. Anyone remember them? I do, and I know that some of us did listen to others’ conversations . I admit it. It was just too easy. I was only a kid after all. In 1930, 63 percent of […]

Someone might be watching

In My Own Little World by AUBREY BROUSSARD Anyone who has ever worked any public service job will tell you that it is never easy, especially if you’ve ever worked in the food service business. I’ve had my share of food service jobs, then later retail service, and much later, public service in a government […]

Happy birthday, son

The Way I See It by DON WEST It was around 8 p.m. on this date 41 years ago that my son, Matt, was born. Wow! Has it been that long? Funny how time slips away and I sometimes struggle to remember names or put names with faces. Funny how I can go to the […]

Dance to the music

Lessons Learned by GLENETTA SHUEY Growing up in the Benoit family could almost guarantee you that you would be a dancer and lover of music. Music of nearly every kind was part of our lives. My oldest sister, 10 years my senior, had a very cool record player that played 45’s and long-playing records (LPs). […]

Ebola gets all the attention

I’m Just Sayin’ by SHEILA SMITH It’s been a lonely week. I feel like one of three people left in America who does not believe Ebola will end the world in a few days. Everyone else is building underground shelters and stockpiling weapons. I know we all will die one day, and I believe Earth […]

Tolerance: It’s a jagged little pill

The Way I See It by DON WEST I have said many times, “If you continue to do the same thing, you should expect to achieve the same results.” Who’s not guilty of that at one time or another? I think each of us can own that at some time in our lives. It seems […]

Grandkids keeping it real!

Lessons Learned by GLENETTA SHUEY Just when you think you are smart and a get a little bit cocky, God gives you grandchildren. Their innocence and sheer honesty keep us humble. My six year old grandson Slade was asking his mother what did the “Granny in the red house” teach in school? She answered: “English.” […]

Let’s go doctor shopping

I’m Just Sayin’ by SHEILA SMITH I called four separate physicians’ offices before I realized I was going to keep getting the same answer: “We will need some information. We will then give the doctor your information. The doctor will review it and let us know if you have been accepted as a patient.” I […]

Single parent super mom

In My Own Little World by AUBREY BROUSSARD I’m a single mom with a full time job. Oh, don’t feel sorry for me, because I sure don’t. But here’s the thing: we single-parent families still have to achieve the same ultimate goals at the end of the day that double-parent families do. We still have […]

Table that thought!

Lessons Learned by GLENETTA SHUEY You know how it is: there are some things we love about our present life, but we all miss some things about our yesterdays! I know I do. I miss our Sunday dinners. But let me clarify for those who were not raised in South Louisiana: dinner was lunch for […]

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