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Are college athletes being taken advantage of?

It’s easy to turn on the television now and see some university or college athletic program in trouble over recruiting violations or in some instances, paying athletes in some form or fashion to attend their school. This is something that has been going on for years, and quite frankly the NCAA hasn’t found a way […]

Team leader or aggressive bully?

Where is the line drawn between a strong team leader, and an intimidating bully? The current generation is filled with often unsupervised, or under supervised youth due to an increased in working families, overwhelmed parents or simply lack of discipline at home. Formerly referred to as ‘latchkey kids,’ quite often the egos of these youth […]

New sex offender law overdue

A long overdue rule was signed into law this past week and will go into effect Aug. 1. Gov. John Bel Edwards signed a bill sponsored by Sen. Gerald Long (R-Winnfield) that bans registered sex offenders from doing any type of door-to-door business. The penalty for violating this new law could see a person facing […]

Let coaches coach

The coaching profession was long known for being an enticing career, and it was one that these leaders held on to until retirement. Nowadays, more coaches are leaving the profession for a variety of reasons, some for better opportunities, but some for less stress and more time at home. Coaching has always been a family […]

Lethal shooting of endangered animal brings mixed public reactions

No one expected the holiday weekend to produce an encounter between a gorilla and a three-year-old child, resulting in the 17-year-old endangered silverback’s death, or for the public to generate overall outrage regarding the situation. According to various news reports, the toddler somehow escaped from his parents, who claimed to be momentarily distracted. Despite USDA […]

Remember those who gave all

There are two very important rights that have allowed the Jennings Daily News to exist for 120 years: Freedom of speech and freedom of the press. These freedoms have not been afforded to us by our government or any elected leader. Instead, these freedoms were bought and paid for with the blood, sweat and tears […]

Let’s not go there

The Associated Press reported Thursday that Louisiana is joining a call for the first U.S. constitutional convention since the nation’s founding, under legislation backed by state lawmakers. The House voted 62-36 Wednesday to support the call, giving it final passage. Less than 10 states have signed onto the effort, which requires 34 states to consent […]

Cherry-picking patriotism

With the 2016 Summer Olympics set to take place in a few months in Brazil, the question of how important the games still are is one that continues to be repeated throughout the world. For many years, the Olympic Games were the ultimate test of athletic prowess throughout the globe, however, with the rise and […]

Millennials just aren’t leaving home

Today, more young people are still living at home with their parents since the year 1880. For the first time in over 130 years, more people, at nearly one-third the population, ages 18 to 34, are living with their parents rather than a spouse. Why? In a time when educational grants and technical and on-the-job […]

Start prepping for June 1

Southwest Louisiana’s least favorite season is just around the corner as June 1 marks the start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season. The June start date is one reason why Hurricane Preparedness Week was observed May 15-21, encouraging people to plan for a storm before the season even begins. To help guide citizens in preparations, the […]

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