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Consider giving life

April is designated as National Donate Life Month in support of organ donation, and we hope if you have not already committed to give life one day, you will consider doing so. According to government data, an average of 75 people receive organ transplants each day. Sadly, an average of 21 people die every single […]

Lemonade Day offers fun, business lessons

The practice is not as popular as it once was, but you can still find a youngster or two tapping into their entrepreneurial skills via lemonade stands once in a while. Lemonade stands are more than a fun way for a child to make money or play. These simple business plans are actually a great […]

Make it your business

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and child advocates statewide are coming together to raise awareness in order to inspire and encourage Louisiana citizens to stand up against child and domestic abuse. In an interview with the Jennings Daily News last year, CASA Vice President for Advocacy at Family and Youth Counseling David Duplechain said […]

Too much demanded of employers

Should employers have to offer six weeks of fully paid leave to new mothers and/or fathers? That is the latest question in many parts of the country now that San Francisco is requiring businesses to follow such a rule. California currently allows workers to receive 55 percent of their pay for up to six weeks […]

Research before donating

In January CBS News ran an expose confirming what many had been alleging for years – that the Wounded Warrior Project was spending more of its money on on publicity and overhead and failing to release funds for veterans’ benefit. The charity brought in $342,066,114 in 2013. After its program expenses – $149 million for […]

Riverside Road is not a freeway

After years of steady deterioration, La. 97 from the Acadia side of the Jaenke Bridge up to the La. 100 (Old Evangeline Highway) turnoff is finally being repaved. The speed limit through the construction area has been dropped from 55 mph to 40, and several times the roadway has been closed at the curve near […]

Program needs to be saved for kids

Louisiana is toughening regulations governing a four-year-old state Medicaid program aimed at helping “medically fragile” children that has ballooned in cost from $2 million to as much as $30 million this year. The Pediatric Day Health Care program is praised for offering nearly 700 disabled children specialized health services at daycare facilities they couldn’t get […]

Whose fault is it?

The campaign trail behavior of the remaining presidential hopefuls has been nothing short of a soap opera. Unlike a soap opera, though, most citizens cringe to watch what happens next and, if the main players were suddenly replaced by new characters, no one would mind. Sometimes it seems this country was less divided on the […]

Art program wasting tax dollars

Did you know that Louisiana has a 17-year-old program that requires state agencies to spend a portion of their construction dollars on public art? Well, it’s true. Art has its place in society and the legal sale of art contributes to the economy. Seeing how education and healthcare are always feeling the blows from budget […]

Be blessed this Easter

While New Year’s is typically the holiday known for new beginnings, in every sense, Easter truly represents restoration, new life after death. For most, Easter Sunday is the culmination of a spiritual season that represents the battle with the flesh and its ultimate fate, death. One dark day, Jesus Christ, the Messiah, took responsibility for […]

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