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Never too early to think about voting

As we are inundated with national coverage of presidential hopefuls, we can only expect to see more candidates and campaigns come to light. After all, election time is just around the corner. Though as Americans we will not choose our next president until 2016, local and state candidates will begin qualifying Sept. 8-10 for this […]

Lead by example

There are a few things synonymous with baseball, like peanuts, Cracker Jacks, hot dogs and, yes, chewing tobacco. It’s not uncommon to see Major Leaguers and coaches with a cheek full and even fans chew their share. Now, however, the beloved Fenway Park might toss tobacco from its games. Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh wants […]

Jindal’s future looking bleak

If Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s campaign for the GOP presidential nomination was on life support before now, the proverbial plug just needs to be pulled after Fox News announced he would not be invited to participate in the first televised Republican debate Thursday, Aug. 6. Outlets speculated Jindal’s announcement to halt his campaign following the […]

National Farmers Market Week declared

The week of August 2 through 8, 2015 was declared “National Farmers Market Week” by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. “While many people often enjoy the benefits of their local farmers markets, this is a way to bring additional attention to those who do not frequent these markets,” said Louisiana Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner Mike Strain, […]

AHA’s insurance co-ops struggling

Fed up with the insurance industry, Democrats used the health care overhaul to create nonprofit co-ops that would compete with the corporations. Now a government audit finds co-ops are awash in red ink. Only one out of 23 — the co-op in Maine — made money last year, said Thursday’s report from the Health and […]

Rumors don’t bring justice

In society’s demand for truth, we are often willing to accept rumors and conspiracy theories as facts to satisfy our need for information. Unfortunately, this often leads us further from the truth. This seems to be the situation with the sad case of Sandra Bland, who allegedly committed suicide in the Waller County Jail in […]

Americans start to feel price hikes

Apartment rents are up. So are prices for restaurant meals, haircuts, gym memberships and a cup of coffee. For American consumers who have become used to flat or even falling prices for several years, an unfamiliar sight has emerged in many corners of the economy: Inflation is ticking up. According to a detailed report from […]

Making a difference starts at home

One idea the Jennings Daily News supports is keeping business local. Because we are a local business, we understand the need to support local businesses and employees by keeping our purchases in this area when possible. The same idea should be applied to donating money. Of course, this world is filled with worthy causes that […]

This is the world we live in

Our hearts are heavy and angry today with the rest of Louisiana. We watch each day as unimaginable tragedies take place across this country – a church shooting in North Carolina; bikers exchanging gunfire in Waco; a soulless creature storming into a movie theatre in Colorado and killing and injuring dozens. This time, all eyes […]

Talk to kids about alcohol

Many people consume alcohol when attending summer parties, holiday gatherings or weddings. Children in attendance may see adults drinking and having a good time and wonder why alcohol is off-limits to them. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism says that parents can have a major impact on their children’s drinking habits by influencing […]

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