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Kick butts for your own good

How do you get healthier and tell the state you will not pay more taxes than you have to? Kick butts. National Kick Butts Day is Wednesday, March 16, and since smoking does nothing but slowly kill you (and a 22-cent increase on packs of cancer sticks goes into effect April 1), now is the […]

Raise tax on alcohol

Louisiana is a conservative state, but not when it comes to alcohol. On that subject, Louisiana is quite liberal. In fact, drinking is part of Louisiana’s culture, whether that says something positive or not. As lawmakers in the legislature continue to argue over how to keep the state from financially imploding, they seem hesitant to […]

State hunting money this Easter

It seems like life in Louisiana is about to become expensive for some and more expensive for others, and some of the hikes could take place within a month. As state legislators continue to haggle over ways to address a projected budget shortfall of over $900 million, they have certainly looked under every rock for […]

One click could change everything

It is the Jennings Daily News’ job to report area happenings, but there are some stories we wish we never had to write. That is especially true any time we have to write about losses that could have been prevented. Wednesday, along with several other media outlets, the newspaper shared a press release from Louisiana […]

Education can prevent re-incarceration

College education in American prisons is starting to grow again, more than two decades since federal government dollars were prohibited from being used for college programs behind bars. The shift comes as everyone from President Barack Obama to state policymakers are looking for ways to get better results from the $80 billion the U.S. spends […]

Legal loopholes straining healthcare exchange

Political uncertainty isn’t the only threat to the Affordable Care Act’s future. Cracks also are spreading through a major pillar supporting the law, the Associated Press reported this week. Health insurance exchanges created to help millions of people find coverage are turning into money-losing ventures for many insurers. The nation’s largest, UnitedHealth Group Inc., could […]

Important bills pre-filed for session

State lawmakers are currently in a special session focusing on bringing Louisiana’s finances back in the black, but soon they will enter their regular legislative session, one that includes a bevy of interesting bills. Any person can follow along with session developments or peruse pre-filed bills by visiting The dozens of proposed bills cover […]

The evolution of Black History Month

Black History Month, sometimes referred to as African American History Month, is a federally recognized month-long commemoration of the achievements of black Americans and the roles they have played in shaping United States history. Each February, Americans recognize notable black American individuals. Many deserving people are recognized during Black History Month, which no doubt serves […]

Certain jobs growing in demand

The recently released 2016 Hot Jobs List, published by Randstad US, one of the largest HR services and staffing companies in the United States, sheds light on important trends and predicts the jobs in greatest demand for the coming year. Some hot areas include information technology, human resources, finance and accounting, office and administration, engineering, […]

Newspapers valuable to classrooms

Today’s students have numerous devices at their disposal that can make learning more fun. Teachers may rely on such devices to engage students, but one more traditional teaching tool can still be an asset in the classroom. Newspapers have changed considerably over the last decade-plus, but they still can serve teachers and students alike. • […]

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