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Tough choices ahead for legislature

The leader of Louisiana’s House Republican delegation offered his proposal Thursday for slashing $304 million in state spending, to close a midyear deficit without needing the special legislative session Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards intends to call. Alexandria Rep. Lance Harris’ plan, provided to The Associated Press, would levy the deepest reduction of $147 million […]

Heart of Mardi Gras found in small towns

Mardi Gras season is underway, which means types of revelry for people throughout the state of Louisiana. However, the traditional Cajun holiday has grown to become almost nationwide, with celebrations being held all over the country. It’s blown up in Texas and even up and down the East Coast. There are basically two types of […]

Save a life this month.

Millions of Americans would die each year if not for those willing to donate blood. January is National Blood Donor Awareness month, and there is generally a shorter supply of blood during the winter months. About one in seven people in the U.S. entering a hospital are in need of blood and about 39,000 units […]

What would you ask the mayoral candidates?

For over 14 years, the City of Jennings has known Mayor Terry Duhon as its leader. But with Duhon heading out of office once his term ends in June, voters will have a big decision to make when they head to the polls in March. Any time new leadership enters office, you can expect a […]

More jobs, affordable education needed for secure future

Without affordable higher education and a diversified job industry, we can expect our young people to continue leaving Louisiana. Higher education will likely see another cut in state funding this year. The double whammy is that the TOPS program is slowly running dry. Gov. John Bel Edwards vowed Wednesday that he won’t allow the budget […]

Give the men in stripes a break

It’s been going on for years: unruly fans in basketball gyms across America hollering and screaming at referees or coaches in the heat of highly contested games. It’s almost as much of a pastime as the game itself to get on coaches and officials for their performance on the court. But, how many people ever […]

No one enjoys traffic stops

People often complain that law enforcement officers patrolling roadways and watching traffic should “be doing something better.” Of course, this complaint usually comes from individuals who could drive better and obey traffic laws that were put into place with safety in mind. The truth is, law enforcement often saves a life when intervening in traffic […]

Sometimes criminals have it better than the law-abiding

The Los Angeles Times reported Friday that a 57-year-old convicted killer has become the first inmate in the nation to receive state-funded sex reassignment surgery. According to information from the Associated Press, the inmate, a biological male, has been living as a woman in a California men’s prison. The inmate, Shiloh Quine, is serving a […]

Humanity disappears on live video

Few of us are surprised at sickening headlines these days. Situations that were once unheard of are now commonplace, thanks to the rise of social media. Facebook Live has become a tool people use on their cell phones to give play-by-play coverage from wherever they might be, but the feature has also proven how callous […]

Do New Year resolutions still hold value?

Every January, people around the country dig deep to come up with resolutions in order to try and make their lives better. Whether it be health-wise, exercising, quitting old habits or starting new good ones, there are no shortage of New Year’s promises in this country. Trouble is, most of these don’t make it very […]

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