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Are parents posting too much online?

Many parents on social media sites tend to over-share when it comes to their children. Every event or casual outing is documented via pictures and status updates, while some are even so bold as to tell the world whenever their child has made a mistake or bad decision. But how much right do parents have […]

High school hazings stirring trouble across America

Hazing and initiations have been a part of sports for as long as people can remember, but has the performing of certain rituals begun to go too far in this day in age? In years past, it was not unfamiliar to see older athletes initiate younger ones with smearing shaving cream on their face after […]

Troubles rise though water recedes

The water has subsided in most areas but the devastation and hardship from August’s record-breaking floods continue. The Associated Press reported that over 850 people are still in shelters in East Baton Rouge, Ascension, Livingston, East Feliciana and Tangipahoa parishes. Most of those individuals are struggling to find rental property and transportation after losing homes […]

Incarceration, sentencing practices across state need revamping

Many in the parish are hoping Jeff Davis could find ways to reduce the taxpayer dollars spent on housing inmates here or those transferred to Concordia Parish. The search in reducing spending on incarceration is a statewide concern, though. A report from the Louisiana Legislative Auditor released last week that said the state could save […]

Time for Miles to move on

For the past two football seasons, the spirited debate over whether or not Les Miles should continue to serve as the head football coach at LSU has reached an all-time high. After failing to live up to expectations over the past couple of seasons, Miles barely hung on to his job after LSU Chancellor F. […]

Did humans cause the La. floods?

There is no doubt the environment is suffering thanks to a variety of manmade concerns such as chemical pollution and deforestation. Global warming is a strongly debated topic but few can deny that for decades, Earth seems to have been reacting to man made troubles. The Associated  Press reported Tuesday that human-induced climate change possibly […]

Some educators seek online donations to supply classrooms

Teachers are increasingly relying on crowd-funding efforts to stock their classrooms with both the mundane and sometimes big-ticket items. Contributions to education campaigns have climbed on GoFundMe and DonorsChoose, collectively, from just more than $31.2 million in 2010 to nearly $140 million in 2015, the do-it-yourself fundraising sites report. Both sites are on pace to […]

Suicide prevention needs our attention

In 2013, 494,169 people were treated in emergency rooms for self-inflicted injuries. That same year, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), suicide was the tenth leading cause of death for all ages in 2013, with 41,149 suicides in the US. That equals, according to the CDC, 113 suicides each day of that year, […]

Don’t believe the hype

Racism has an unfortunate presence in this world, though the majority would agree people should not be judged by the color of his or her skin. In recent years the topic has come to the forefront in America due to a number of issues and concerns. We also know some purposely create racial tension to […]

Are Tebow’s baseball escapades merely a stunt?

Tim Tebow is widely considered one of the best quarterbacks in the history of college football, but his success at the collegiate level never transpired in the NFL, as Tebow has been cut by a number of professional teams in his short career. Now, the former Florida Gator is trying his hand on the diamond. […]

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