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Down Syndrome myths debunked

October is a month that serves as the national awareness month for many issues, diseases and conditions, and one of the most misunderstood disorders in the US is Down syndrome. Down syndrome is a chromosomal disorder that is caused by an error in cell division. When a person has Down syndrome, he or she has […]

Join the battle against breast cancer

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported that as of its most recent data, 224,147 women were diagnosed with breast cancer while 41,150 succumbed to the disease. Cancer is a disease that claims millions of lives each year. The victims come from all walks of life – young and old; rich and poor; and from […]

Vote, but don’t hope

The third (and thankfully final) presidential debate is scheduled for Oct. 19, but if the previous two debates are any indication, there will only be more catty behavior and smart remarks. In perhaps some of the worst presidential debates this country has ever seen, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have not given us clear, detailed […]

Hiring, better pay draw more into job hunt

Drawn by steady hiring and slightly higher pay, more Americans began looking for work in September, a sign of renewed optimism about the U.S. job market. The influx of job seekers sent the unemployment rate up slightly as more Americans were counted as unemployed. Taken as a whole, Friday’s jobs report from the government painted […]

Simple fire prevention measures maximize safety

According to the National Fire Protection Association, most people have a false sense of security regarding house fires, believing that they would have approximately six minutes to evacuate their home in the event of a fire. In reality, smoke and fire spread rapidly and can overcome occupants in less than three minutes. October is National […]

Live mascots: School pride or injustice?

It is not uncommon to find universities around the country that have a live mascot portraying the pride of their sports teams, like Auburn, LSU, Georgia, Tennessee, Colorado, Texas, Baylor and many more. They are traditions like no other in college sports, and even have legendary names to go along with that. There is Bevo […]

Hello and goodbye

Before August 2010, Jennings Daily News’ (JDN) reporters asked the same question each day: “What crime is going to happen tonight?” You see, the writers hold a meeting each day to discuss what they are planning for the next day’s edition. For more than two years, it seemed those plans went out the window after […]

Get ready to vote

The November elections are what most people are talking about, and the time is swiftly approaching. As you read on page one of today’s edition, early voting is just around the corner, kicking off on Oct. 25, with the regular Election Day just behind that on Nov. 8. Jeff Davis Parish Registrar of Voters Lorraine […]

October raising domestic violence awareness

Shades of pink fill October each year because the month marks Breast Cancer Awareness. But just as important as the color pink in October is the color purple, which stands for Domestic Violence Awareness. Domestic violence is often the dirty secret of society. We all know it exists and happens in our own neighborhoods. It’s […]

Miles’ firing was needed

It was a shock to some, but a pleasure to many. LSU cut ties with head football coach Les Miles this past Sunday after an embarrassing loss to a lowly Auburn team. Although the firing was necessary because of Miles’ lack of success over the past two seasons, many question if it was handled properly […]

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