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Former reporter shares views

Dear Editor, Back when I was the assistant editor of Jennings Daily News (2006-2011), many people would say to me, “You’re going to have a great book to write one day.” And unfortunately, they were referring to the as-of-yet unsolved murders now collectively referred to as the Jeff Davis Eight. I would often nod politely […]

Dr. Fontenot remembered

Dear Editor, This past Thursday, September the 8th, my dentist’s secretary called to cancel my appointment. I found it odd that I was getting a call from their office a full week prior to my next appointment scheduled for September 15th. They usually called a few days prior to an appointment with a reminder but […]

Party lines, abortion discussed

Dear Editor, I am a Christian who is also a sinner. I believe the promise of the birth, the life, the teaching, the torture and execution but most importantly the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the only path to eternal life for my soul. Because of this, I believe the taking of innocent life is […]

Reader responds to letter

Dear Editor, I choose not to spar with Mr. Guidry. We are all entitled to our own beliefs and opinions. The good Lord always gives us a choice to do either right or to do wrong. May God bless all Americans when we go to the polls in November. Sandra Simar Evangeline P.S. I do […]

Reader responds to letter

Dear Editor, In response to Sandra Simar’s letter: Hillary Clinton is not Barack Obama nor is Donald Trump, George Bush. To put all Democrats or Republicans in the same category is the same as labeling all Mexicans as murderers and rapists and all Muslims as terrorists. Being Democrat doesn’t automatically make you for abortion or […]

Resident shares views

Dear Editor, In response to Mr. Larry Guidry’s two letters to the editor: I am a registered Democrat, however, I will continue to vote Republican because the Democratic party’s values and what they stand for are the reason America is in the sad shape it is in. Since Obama has been president, racial problems have […]

Reader responds

Dear Editor, In response to Larry Guidry’s letter on Sunday, Aug. 7, 2016: I profess to be a Christian and try to live by the 10 commandments. My number-one issue, whether Democrat or Republican, man or woman, is, “How do you stand with abortion?” God will not bless a nation that allows abortion, no prayers […]

Locals voice concern

Dear Editor, East of Jennings about three to four miles lies a small community called Silverwood. Most people refer to it as Jennings only because we withhold a Jennings address and all business is transacted in this town. Some citizens call us a “forgotten village” and recently, this name proved to be true. On Aug. […]

Flood poem penned

Dear Editor, Four trillion gallons of rain.  Came down in just three days. Across our state.  Devastation. Flooded homes and roadways. So many acts of courage.  Mixed in with the despair. Rescues. Cajun Navy.  Some towns? Will take years to repair. This one small town. Dear to me. Nearby a river flows. It too was hit.  And danger grew. As lake […]

Question raised concerning road closure

Dear Editor, During the flood, people from Mermentau were able to travel 16 miles to Crowley to shop for necessities. Normally they can shop in Jennings, which is only about five miles away. Why is this? Highway 90 between the towns of Mermentau and Silverwood and the town of Jennings has several dips which flood […]

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