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Reader shares views

Dear Editor, God intends for us and our leaders, as Christians, to honor and obey ALL of God’s teachings and commandments. I read nowhere in the Bible where we are given the authority to choose which of these teachings and commandments to obey or ignore, nor the authority to consider which are the most important. […]

Viewpoint shared

Dear Editor, I usually enjoy the Lake Charles American Press editorials. I find them balanced and thoughtful viewpoints. Those opinions often bring forth equal sides of an issue or present a pressing need. I was very disappointed with the editorial titled, “Louisiana’s Failing School System”, especially the closing sentence. I quote, “Our schools must take […]

Reader responds to letter

Dear Editor, In response to Larry Guidry’s letter on Sunday, Aug. 7, 2016: I profess to be a Christian and try to live by the 10 Commandments. My number-one issue, whether Democrat or Republican, man or woman, is, “How do you stand with abortion?” God will not bless a nation that allows abortion, no prayers […]

Reader shares views

Dear Editor, Every day some so-called Christians quote Bible verses on Facebook or some other social media then revert to spewing their hatred for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Democrats, Muslims, Mexicans, immigrants and anyone who opposes Donald Trump. Apparently these Christians didn’t read the entire Bible or overlooked scripture about brotherhood and loving your neighbor […]

Reader responds to recent events

Dear Editor, John F. Kennedy once said in a now famous speech that “our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s future, and we are all mortal.” Nearly a year has passed since I wrote a letter to the […]

Public Thanked for Relay Support

Dear Editor, On behalf of the American Cancer Society, Jeff Davis Parish Relay for Life Committee, Optimist Club Team and Relay for Life Golf Tournament Committee, I would like to express a great, big “thank you” to everyone that helped make the 10th Annual Relay for Life Golf Tournament a huge success. I would like […]

Dear Editor

I have to start this letter off with the word “Really?” As I observed and watched the presidential candidates, I can only say “Really G.O.P. ,” “Really, Conservatives,” “Really, Republicans,” and last but not least, “Really, America.” I’m 57 years old and have observed several presidential elections, however I can’t recall the last time I […]

Alexander addresses Semmes’ letter

Dear Editor, As Joe Semmes quoted in reference to the Dollar Store in Hathaway, Louisiana, “It is called one of the largest decisions in Hathaway’s history in the area without hardly any discussion with the people who matter”. I concur. As concerned citizens and land owners, the “No Dollar General in Hathaway, Louisiana” Facebook page […]

Writer addresses previous letter

Dear Editor, This letter responds to a previous letter published in the Jennings Daily News and written by Dr. Chris Achee. I’m just a patient, a 69-year-old man who receives great primary medical care from a nurse practitioner. I have to disagree with Dr. Achee’s position, and I support independent practice for nurse practitioners who […]

Resident discusses Hathaway concerns

Dear Editor, I hated to miss the recent police jury meeting and the subsequent love fest afterwards, on the topic of the Dollar General store in Hathaway. Work always seems to interfere with those type things. I was represented by my police juror though, which is how that works. He attends them so I don’t […]

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