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Reader Addresses Landrieu Comments

Dear Sen. Landrieu: “To be very, very honest with you, the South has not always been the friendliest place for African-Americans,” Landrieu said. “It’s been a difficult time for [President Obama] to present himself in a very positive light as a leader. It’s not always been a good place for women to present ourselves. It’s […]

First Responders Thanked

To the Fire Departments of Lake Arthur, Klondike and Jennings, all of the volunteers involved, the Acadian Ambulance workers, and each and every person who was involved in attempting to save our home on the evening of Oct. 2. We thank all of you for your hard work, dedication and coordination as you worked together. […]

Bebee Addresses Public

Often I receive complaints from parents and citizens stating that the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) is not following the Public Records Act of Louisiana. The law requires government agencies to provide access to public records as requested by citizens within three business days of the request.   The statute’s intent is to ensure transparency in […]

Reader Talks Mudslinging

I am writing this since I can no longer handle what I am reading regarding my hometown and parish as of late. As you all know from the ruthless and sometimes downright ugly opinions and exaggerated facts, there is a race for district attorney. I understand many have their own reasons, both personally and professionally, […]

The Last Judgment of God

Dear Editor, It’s a great burden for me to write about this awesome and irreversible judgment of God. It gives me no pleasure to talk about my fellow men being thrown alive into a lake that burns with an unquenchable fire for eternity. The reason that eternal hell-fire is so hard for many people to […]

Landrieu’s Eligibility Questioned

Dear Editor, My wife inherited her parents’ house in Louisiana years before we retired and moved here. From the time of her inheritance she became a legal property owner in Louisiana while our residence was elsewhere. To the best of our knowledge, we had no right to vote in Louisiana and certainly not to run […]

Holly Beach is Filthy

Dear Editor, I’ve written several articles about litter and dead animals on our highways. Well, I had an opportunity to travel to the Cameron area this week. I hadn’t been there in a few years. What a shock it was upon arriving in Holly Beach to view the scenery there. The beach seemed to contain […]

Reach for the Unreachable

Dear Editor, On the front page of the Aug. 14 edition of the Jennings Daily News, was a photo and news story about a past student of mine who had been arrested for a third offense possession of crack cocaine with intent to distribute. I was his adult education teacher at Morgan Smith Campus (now […]

Litter Out of Control

Dear Editor, I’ve written, along with others, about the sight of litter on our highways, but I’ve seen no response or change in this sighting. We have animals that are lying dead on roads in our parishes that if the birds don’t get rid of them, they just decay for weeks. Bridges are covered with […]

Another Local Talks Sugar Mill

Dear Editor, Well, I almost wrote a week ago regarding the front page news of the Lacassine sugar mill, but I waited until I saw Mr. Semmes ‘Letter to the Editor’ today. I definitely agree with him and could say ‘I told you so!’ There were many who disagreed with Mr. Odom’s choices in those […]

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