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Reader Shares Views

Dear Editor, The Judeo-Christian religion and all others, with the exception of Islam, were initiated as peaceful religions. Mohammed, on the other hand, conquered by the sword, and the choices offered to the conquered, other than joining the religion, were not very appealing. With this strategy the religion, and ideology of Islam, was extremely successful […]

Cigarettes are Dangerous and Costly

Dear Editor, Warning! To all young people who believe that a cigarette hanging out of your mouth makes you look “cool”. See below what a 2-pack-a day habit will do to your take-home pay and what your future spouse and children will have to compete with for their food and comfort. Below is the top-ten […]

Growing Up At Houssiere Park

Dear Editor, I was six months old when my family moved to Jennings. My father was going to work for Jennings Norwood Irrigation Co. His job required that we live at the pumping station. When we were old enough to swim we were taught to swim in the irrigation canal. In later years as we […]

Will We Continue To Accept Lies From Washington?

Dear Editor, Truth: Conformity with fact; also established fact. This is what is said in the Dictionary ! Politician’s Truth: Anything that may get votes for the upcoming election. Damn, and disregard, established fact !! Mark Twain said, “Seek out, and follow, those who constantly are searching for the truth; beware of those who claim […]

November Memories

November twenty-three, in the year of sixty three Four friends stood on the ridges of Big Double. A Virginia Mountain in the county of Craig So peaceful, yet soon to be a day of great trouble.   Our senses were eager, our rifles were ready The plan at hand was one of pleasure, With stealth […]

Fire Obama and Congress

Dear Editor, I have written before and am doing so again now pleading with you to restore the separation of powers in our Constitution and put a stop to Obama’s Imperial Presidency. One or more of our congressmen, hopefully bi-partisan majorities in both the House and Senate, should file a lawsuit requesting the Supreme Court […]

Oil and Lawsuits Discussed

Dear Editor, Two parishes are about to sue the oil companies over canals that these parishes issued permits for the same canals to be dug originally. They did this so they could reap the benefits of the oil and gas royalties they would produce. Back then no one realized the damage to our marshes and […]

Reader Shares Views

Dear Editor, Seduction is by definition is “to tempt, to corrupt, to induce to surrender chastity, or innocence”. Rape is “forcible violation, or abduction, and seizure”. When the above words are used, or heard, we usually think of them as referring to sex; we also tend to associate the perpetrator with being a criminal performing […]

ALA Grateful to Community

Dear Editor, On behalf of the ladies of the American Legion Auxiliary, Unit 19 in Jennings, I would like to extend a very grateful thank you to our generous community. On Monday, November 11, 2013, Veteran’s Day, we conducted our “Poppy Drive” to collect funds that sustain our work at the Southwest Louisiana War Veterans […]

Vet Thanks HHS

To the Editor, I attended the Hathaway School Veterans Day program this morning and want to express my Thanks and Gratitude to the staff and students for making this day special. The Jennings High School Band and all the presenters did an excellent job. To my granddaughter, Mylie Heinen, Thanks for inviting your pepa. I […]

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