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Landrieu’s Eligibility Questioned

Dear Editor, My wife inherited her parents’ house in Louisiana years before we retired and moved here. From the time of her inheritance she became a legal property owner in Louisiana while our residence was elsewhere. To the best of our knowledge, we had no right to vote in Louisiana and certainly not to run […]

Holly Beach is Filthy

Dear Editor, I’ve written several articles about litter and dead animals on our highways. Well, I had an opportunity to travel to the Cameron area this week. I hadn’t been there in a few years. What a shock it was upon arriving in Holly Beach to view the scenery there. The beach seemed to contain […]

Reach for the Unreachable

Dear Editor, On the front page of the Aug. 14 edition of the Jennings Daily News, was a photo and news story about a past student of mine who had been arrested for a third offense possession of crack cocaine with intent to distribute. I was his adult education teacher at Morgan Smith Campus (now […]

Litter Out of Control

Dear Editor, I’ve written, along with others, about the sight of litter on our highways, but I’ve seen no response or change in this sighting. We have animals that are lying dead on roads in our parishes that if the birds don’t get rid of them, they just decay for weeks. Bridges are covered with […]

Another Local Talks Sugar Mill

Dear Editor, Well, I almost wrote a week ago regarding the front page news of the Lacassine sugar mill, but I waited until I saw Mr. Semmes ‘Letter to the Editor’ today. I definitely agree with him and could say ‘I told you so!’ There were many who disagreed with Mr. Odom’s choices in those […]

IRS Evasive During Investigation

Dear Editor, Let us assume that the IRS has “found” some backups that might include Lois Lerner’s missing emails.  Given how incredibly dishonest and evasive the IRS has been during this investigation and, by extension, how dishonest the Injustice Dept. and the administration has been, how can anyone presume that the newly discovered backups are […]

President Creates Overseas Problems

Dear Editor, Can you imagine an alleged Vietnam turncoat traveling overseas to Cairo in order to try a cease fire in war with Israel. You don’t think that these people are stupid and don’t realize his real intentions. Is this a part of our administration that is confused over things of lesser value? They can’t […]

Local Shows Gratitude

Dear Editor, On Friday, July 11, at 7:10 a.m., a very large limb from the oak tree in my front yard broke. The limb fell across and broke the telephone company’s main cable; across my TV cable, which comes across North Cutting Ave.; and through my picket fence. Half of North Cutting was blocked. Within […]

Is The End Near?

Dear Editor, The judgment symbolized by the rider of the black horse seems to be a worldwide financial catastrophe. With war spreading across the world from Middle East, food, fuel and much more life-supporting items, will become more and more scarce. The “pair of scales” indicates the scarcity of food; food is weighted as gold […]

Citizen Concerned About Conservation

Dear Editor, I’m working in southern Alabama this summer and all the while, I’m missing Louisiana. I grew up in Jennings, and there is nothing like our culture and our communities. My mother was sure that I appreciated our coastal areas, now protected by the Wilderness Act in Breton and Lacassine. But only five percent […]

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