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Takeovers Happen Slowly

Dear Editor, For the downfall of a nation as great as ours to be brought about, someone would have to start from the middle. They would pretend to enjoy our freedoms and our worship to a God who is not of their culture. This will not be sustainable to their worship. A nation as powerful […]

Reader Shares Views

Dear Editor, I do judge This President remarks on the cost of maintaining Gitmo, but he does not tell us how much he spent and wasted one solar panel plant that failed. One of these released prisoners are now back fighting us again and maybe more of the five are also doing so. Who we […]

Where is Accountability, Justice?

Some people cause such catastrophic ripples in lives and fail to take any responsibility. Those who enable them are just as guilty in my eyes. More to the point, often our justice system fails to hold them responsible. The police officers do their job, but often for naught. Why is it some people can burglarize […]

The Medicare Question is, Switch It or Stick With It?

Your health plan is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make this year. People that research their decision are far more likely to make a good choice. If you’re Medicare-eligible, here’s what you need to know for the Medicare enrollment season, running Oct. 15 through Dec. 7. Start by knowing the basics. Even if you’re […]

Who’s who?

Dear Editor, Thousands of immigrants are leaving their country as did our ancestors at one time. The difference is we fought for our rights just as we fought for other countries overseas to be free. This Secretary of State wishes to bring thirty-four thousand of these people, mostly men, into our country (men who did […]

Christians and Trump

Dear Editor, I’ve thought I had seen it all until I saw a well-known protestant minister on the stage supporting Mr. Trump. Doesn’t he know his background and his investment in casinos and other such things that are of questionable morality? I wonder if this will rock the support of Evangelical Christians and bring out […]

Reader Shares Views

America has to be proud to have the most good-looking, smartest man on the planet to sacrifice his time to run for President. All others are has beens and not acceptable for this service. To lower his standards in looks and riches are top concerns in his brain’s expectations that do not rise to a […]

Racca Made a Difference

When I opened up the Jennings Daily News epaper on Sunday morning Aug. 16, 2015, the first thing that I noticed was a picture of Steve Racca. I had never heard of nor met Steve until I started teaching in Hackberry, LA, at Hackberry High School. When I found out that Steve was originally from […]

Iran Deal About Legacy

Dear Editor, Smarter than who? We seem to be fixing to beat the drums of war by paying the Iranians off. Our friends, the Jews, are sitting near Iran and they know their feelings about destroying Israel since the Iranians express that point loudly and often. Is this president of ours is trying to leave […]

Balancing Tragedy and Politics

Dear Editor, It seems the whole world is wracked with violence lately. One turns on the news and hears of violence on a global and even national scale. It’s easily dismissed, isn’t it? Especially when it doesn’t concern you or your loved ones. But when it hits close to home, the realization dawns that this […]

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