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Seeking the Father God

When people experience freedom through repentance, in our relationship to God, we are able to worship Jesus, the reviver. We find desiring freedom and fullness and we start to move forward thanks to what Jesus has done for our lives. Romans 12:1 we find the awesome mercy of God. Go9d is worth more to me […]

Dear Dr. Boustany:

I just saw an article claiming that any attempt to remove John Boehner as Speaker of the House would see the Democrats supporting him to prevent that from happening. While I find it hard to believe that would be true, if it is it indicates that Boehner is little more than a Trojan Horse for […]

A real Louisiana Plan

This unique group, working as a consensus-building block of state elected officials, has composed this “Open Letter to the citizens of Louisiana.” They point out the areas of agreement between those opposed to the national Common Core standards and the aligned test PARCC, and those who support the national standards and test, and tend to […]

Protect Social Security and Medicare

7th District of Louisiana House Office Building Washington, DC 20151-3705 As your constituent, and a supporter of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, I am writing to urge you to please oppose any legislation, plan or recommendations that will in any way harm the benefits, structure or traditional role of Social Security […]

Do we elect kings?

Do we allow any president the authority to create new law or modify existing law with a stroke of the pen? Do we allow any president to eliminate laws by simply ignoring and not enforcing the ones he does not like? If we allow these things, do they not render Congress irrelevant? After all, if […]

It’s time to get to work

The polls may say that the people want some cooperation in Washington, but if that were their primary goal they would have elected a Democrat-controlled Congress willing to pass the Obama agenda without controversy or opposition. Obviously, they did not elect that Congress and instead gave congressional control to the Republicans in spite of having […]

Reader Shares Views

Dear Editor, This is an open letter to all school personnel involved in their school’s science/social studies fairs. I would like schools to rethink a policy that many schools have that does not allow judges to interview students. As a retired teacher, I co-chaired science and social studies fairs for 25+ years. I never undervalued […]

2015 is here! Wake up and pray!

Start praising the Lord as if the doors of opportunity have already swung open wide. Maybe you are in a low, difficult place today, just as those kings and their men were (2 Kings 3:16-20). You may feel dry and empty. The devil has been telling you that you are losing. You may want to […]

To the Jennings Police Department:

I, Nell Mouton, would like to thank you for all that you do for the community of Jennings. Not only do you protect and serve the community but you also help the families that are in need. With everything going on in the media, I wanted the world to know about our Jennings Police Department. […]

Obama’s Tax Plan

To All My Federal Lawmakers: There are so many major problems with Obama’s tax plan that it’s hard to find a place to start. He pits the poor and middle-class against the wealthy, and that is pure class warfare. Just who gives his dishonest administration (or anyone else) the moral authority to say what anyone’s […]

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