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Reader Responds to Letter

Dear Editor, Back on Feb 16 you published an “Letter to the Editor” that resorted to the tired old liberal argument that anyone who disagrees with Obama or his policies is racist. It is sad that people like that writer cannot make a reasoned, logical, intelligent argument and are forced to fall back on playing […]

Sheriff Addresses Public

Dear Editor and citizens, Recently our office has come under fire by an investigative reporter from New Orleans and an author of fictitious stories. They have written some very negative articles involving the Jeff Davis Sheriff’s Office, including the Multi-agency Investigative Team (MAIT) formed under former Sheriff Ricky Edwards on the eight deaths that occurred […]

A Political Prediction

Mary Landrieu has voted along with President Obama 90 percent of the time regardless of the opinion of her constituents here in Louisiana. The most infamous of her votes, being the deciding vote, that allowed “Obamacare” to become law.(The worst law that has ever been passed in the bad history of lawless people who represent […]

Local Gives Opinion

Dear Editor, It’s amazing how hypocritical some Bible-thumping, verse-quoting, church-going, so-called Christians are when it comes to our president. These people have one common Christian flaw. They will not accept that all men are created equal. They refuse to believe other people of certain races are their equal and would rather be damned than to […]

Reading and Writing

Dear Editor, On the “opinion” page of today’s Advertiser there are three different ideas on the subject of teaching literacy. Each offers good advice but I fail to see any reference to the relationship between reading and good writing. There is still a lot to be learned after school and most self-educated individuals gain their […]

Reader Shares Views

Dear Editor, Responding with Actions To Famous Quotations “I Have A Dream” Martin Luther King. “Success is not final, failure is not fatal” Churchill. “Ask not what your country can do for you. But ask what you can do for your country” President Kennedy. King Louis 16th of France and his wife Marie Antoinette were […]

Reader Shares Views

Dear Editor, Simply and bluntly put, Obama and Kerry’s “deal” with Iran sucks. It gives away to Iran the only leverage we had to slow their development of nuclear weapons and Iran is already denying that the “agreement” says what the American public are being told it says. I strongly encourage you to reject this […]

Reader Shares Views

President Obama went on national TV this week to allay fears that our government was over reaching in collecting data from American citizens, along with foreigners, to protect us from terrorists attacks. He is getting the expected criticism from both sides that he either went too far, didn’t go far enough, or basically did nothing. […]

Reader Shares Views

Dear Editor, The SCOTUS deciding to hear the case regarding recess appointments is very welcome. But it is NOT nearly enough. There is a much bigger issue in play here, and one that demands resolution by the court. That issue is the Separation of Powers so (seemingly) clearly defined in our Constitution. Congress is constitutionally […]

Reader Shares Views

The Word Transcendence and its Place in World Government One definition of the word transcendence is “The state of excelling, surpassing, or going beyond usual limits”. In human behavior we think of transcendence as progressing from the infant state where the infant thinks only of its individual needs, and demands immediate attention from parents for […]

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