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Reader Shares Views

Dear Editor, I have been told that the parish police jury has or will close the small boat launch area at Houssiere Park. The metal gate and fence will be moved westward to block off the launch. This will also cause an increase in the area already closed to the public. Many small-boat fishermen and […]

Support Vets, Military

To the Editor: Soon it will be our American celebration for and of our military veterans. Our American first line of defense of our God given freedom. Our God-given freedoms are rapidly ending daily by politics. These political changes (eroding) are not for a better America. While we want this day to celebrate our American […]

Reader Discusses Landrieu

Two weeks ago I submitted to the local paper correspondence between Senator Landrieu and myself in which I had suggested to her that she join other politicians who wanted to delay the implementation of “Obamacare” because of obvious flaws that needed severe repair or rethinking; this would have prevented the government shutdown, and remedied a […]

No Justice for Benghazi?

I am now resigned to the fact we will NEVER see justice for what happened in Benghazi. I believe that tragedy was caused by gross incompetence at best and possibly criminal negligence. But those responsible will never be held accountable for political reasons. The only hope for the families of those killed and for the […]

Reader Shares Views

Dear Editor, Is it fair to ask why the woman who tried to ram the White House barricades was so determined to get to the White House? She had a child with her. No one can get in touch with a president nor can anyone else if not accepted or not wanted by kin. As […]

Local Discusses Party Issues

Dear Editor, The Republican Party is NOT the answer to the nation’s problems today, at least not the establishment GOP that is complicit in the monumental problems facing this nation today. However, the Democratic Party IS EVEN WORSE. The Democrats have insisted on creating the mess we have and far too many Republicans have followed […]

La. Bad for Women?

Dear Editor, In a recent report released by the Center for American Progress titled “The State of Women in America,” Louisiana was given an “F” and ranked 50th (dead last) among all states in an overall ranking on issues regarding economics, leadership and health for women based on 36 factors examined in the report.  According to […]

Time is of the Essence

Dear Editor, My father, who was a minister, used to take off his watch and lay it on the pulpit so that he could keep within the time allotted for his sermon and dismiss the congregation at 12 p.m. One Sunday his watch was broken so one of the deacons loaned him a watch. My […]

Reader Shares Views

Dear Editor, Let me make sure I understand this. Harry Reid and Barack Obama are perfectly willing to shut down the government for no reason other than to protect the implementation of a single law, Obamacare, that the majority of Americans oppose. The presumption is that they think they will benefit in the 2014 elections […]

Can The Trend of Stagnation and Degeneration be Changed ?

Dear Editor, Great countries became great because of “Leadership”, and continued controlled growth and prosperity. When benefit to government over benefit to citizen began to take hold, stagnation occurred, and the demise of that great country had its beginning. I was amazed to learn that the great Roman Empire following the glories of the Julius […]

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