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Is the Rapture Near?

Dear Editor, Paul predicts a time when Jesus will raise the bodies of dead believers and change living believers to immortals. The word for “caught up” actually means to “snatch up” and that’s why I like to call this marvelous coming event “The Great Snatch!” It is usually referred to as the “Rapture,” from the […]

What is Obama’s Stance on War?

Dear Editor, Is Obama anti-war? Not exactly.  He is conducting a War on Coal and fossil fuels in general including domestic oil and natural gas. This war has been expanded to a war against affordable energy for businesses and every American consumer while helping to reduce energy costs for foreign nations like China and India […]

Ramble On

Dear Editor, Well I’m asking you if you have ever been to an auction. My friend attended one approximately three hundred miles away from home. As the sale became hotter and the ramblings of the auctioneer were constantly a rambling rose type of venture that caused my friend to buy a bulldozer at a fair […]

Gas Tax Proposal Ludicrous

Dear Editor, If I understand this, we are paying far more than we should today for gasoline and diesel fuel (not to mention jet fuel, home heating oil, etc.) because our government’s policies have FAILED to make us energy independent so that we can control our own prices. Let me be very clear. We are […]

Reader Discusses Undocumented Children

Dear Editor, For many years, we have been offering all kinds of inducements for people to flood our border illegally. We have invited them and Obama has simply made it worse with his promises of amnesty.  What is happening today with the influx of “kids” is just another chapter in this tragedy that we have […]

Reader Shares Views

Dear Editor, We are all overjoyed that a prisoner of war has been freed, but wonder at what price. I feel that this was more about raising President Obama’s popularity which had been constantly declining rather than about the soldier’s welfare. In other words possibly a two pronged self-serving motivation – improving his popularity and […]

Is There No Shame in Washington?

Dear Editor, Ahh, another major scandal. This is getting tiresome. IF the VA simply had trouble due to lack of funding or a shortage of healthcare providers, and had lengthy waiting lists for treatment, that could be somewhat excused as long as efforts were being made to fix the problems. But having SECRET waiting lists […]

Reader Praises Seilhan Family Article

Dear Editor, If you get the Jennings Daily News, make sure you read the articles of Sunday, May 11, on the front page. The headline news of the young Seilhan family is something to read, for we don’t see this much nowadays. Also, with the other good articles, this is the FIRST time in a […]

Local Praises Ivy Woods

There is a very simple reason that the jail tax passed after having failed three times since the 1980’s. Many can claim that this or that made the difference, but the real reason it passed is because of Ivy Woods. The simple true reason is that the voting public now has a belief that they […]

Reader Shares Views

Dear Editor, Although civil wars such as what is happening in Syria would not be affected, peace between Israel and the Arab countries is really very simple in concept. All Israel has ever asked for is to be accepted as a Jewish State by their neighbors and to live in peace. That’s all. They have […]

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