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Native Sons bring Pride to Jennings

Dear Editor, I was pleased to read in the current issue of Tulane University’s magazine that Jennings native Daniel B Lestage, retired Navy admiral, had been installed as president of the International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine during the organization’s 61st congress in Jerusalem. He was also a retired vice president of Blue Cross […]

Are You Certain of Your Political Party Allegiance?

Dear Editor, Are you aware of consequences of too much allegiance? I was born into the most Democratic family that ever existed. Anyone running as a democrat was sure to get my family’s votes if the opponent was republican. The explanation given to me as a child seemed logical. Democrats were all good people, and […]

Common Core Wrong for La.

Dear Editor, The Washington Post reports that Common Core was originally promoted and presented as a way of raising academic standards for all children around the country. But is it? Now being implemented in 45 of 50 states, Common Core standards are already in use – and in at least one state, those results are […]

The Eighth Tipping Point

Dear Editor, A book entitled “The Miracle of Freedom” “7 Tipping Points that Saved the World”, written by Chris Stewart and Ted Stewart, bring out the near episodes, in world history, that could have ended our continued search and never ending fight for freedom. The seven episodes described, enabled freedom to continue, and are described […]

The Crack of the Bat Means Spring has Sprung

Dear Editor, What an exciting time of the year. Spring is in the air. The cool, crisp feeling of morning stimulates the flow of energy. And baseball, with all its exciting challenges, is underway. Living directly across the street from the Recreation Department and baseball park is an experience beyond compare. Pretend for a few […]

John Congratulates Landrieu

Dear Editor, On behalf of the tens of thousands of men and women who work in the oil and gas industry in Louisiana, let me congratulate Sen. Mary Landrieu in being named Chairman of the US Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. Her support of the industry will give a tremendous boost to Louisiana’s […]

Reader Responds to Letter

Dear Editor, I’d like to urge readers to go back and read my letter (published in the Jennings Daily News Sunday, Feb. 16, 2014). I did not say everyone who did not vote for Barack Obama or criticizes him is a racist. I said some so-called Christians were racist. The responses I got were what […]

Reader Shares Views

Dear Editor The number one priority of the federal government is national security. As a representative of the people, that must be your number one priority as well. With China developing missiles that can destroy our largest ships, Iran developing nuclear weapons, N. Korea working to threaten our mainland with nuclear missiles, Russia led by […]

Reader Shares Views

Dear Editor, Our local political expert, analyst, critic continues to submit his weekly Fox News-like letters complaining about President Obama and Democrats blaming them for everything wrong with our government. He provides percentages, statistics, and other information, hopefully to substantiate his allegations. One glaring purposeful omission is America’s job approval rating of Congress. It’s the […]

Reader Shares Views

Dear Editor, Our nation, and its future, will depend not just on education of our youth, but on truthful  education of our youth. Noah Webster, called the father of American scholarship and education, and whose name appears on the Merriam-Webster dictionary, said “Society requires that the education of youth should be watched with the utmost […]

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