How is “Easter egg” offensive?

There was an alleged story out of Oregon this week that found one public school changing the name of Easter eggs. To be politically correct, they decided to call them “egg spheres” or “spring spheres” instead. (We’ll put aside for a moment the idea that an egg would be considered a sphere, which is itself a massive educational failure.)
The story has been hard to verify, but that doesn’t really matter. Even if it’s not true, it would still be a very interesting social parable that deserves comment. Let’s pretend for a the purposes of this piece that it is true.
Now, we could comprehend the idea behind this move. Not everyone in the world celebrates Easter. But what we cannot understand is why we would fail to acknowledge the idea of Easter. How could the term “Easter egg” be offensive? We could understand if it was “Nazi egg” – that would be offensive. However, there are no evil or offensive connotations to the idea of Easter or Easter eggs. The eggs themselves actually have nothing to do with religion, and the ideas they represent – renewal, rebirth and salvation – should not be offensive to anyone. The Easter egg is actually a secular idea when you get down to it, and yet Christians seem to have been tolerant enough to adopt its symbolism.
So in other words, who are we protecting by changing the name of the Easter egg? Who are we protecting in not telling people about Easter? Who benefits from not knowing about an idea of renewal, rebirth and salvation? We don’t want to know anyone who finds these things offensive, and we have no wish to subscribe to their worldview. Tolerance, after all, is a two-way street. How are we teaching tolerance for other religions by erasing our own?
Easter eggs are Easter eggs, no matter what color they are dyed. (And no matter what, you’ll never get them to be spheres. That’s just plain old physics.) And even if you’re not a person who believed that Jesus Christ died and was resurrected for your sins, how could you ever take offense to his messages of love, tolerance, love, brotherhood, and oh, did we mention love?
Jesus rose from the dead for our sins, and from that we can take the greatest metaphor of all: We are all worth saving, and we can all live new lives, if we so choose.
Happy Easter to you and yours from all of us at the Jennings Daily News. We don’t particularly care what your chosen faith is, but we do hope you keep faith in your heart for the betterment of your brothers and sisters.
If you can’t, perhaps someone should introduce you to the idea of Easter.

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