Don’t take Mother’s Day for granted

Life is hard, and it comes with many difficult decisions. And if anyone knows that, it’s a mother.
People often do not think twice about having children, but any parent will tell you that it is a very powerful commitment. You are in charge and completely responsible for another person’s entire life – from their physical well being as youths to their mental state throughout their old age. Few people, if any, will ever affect a person more than their own mother.
Just as a person must make difficult decisions as a parent, some people must face the difficult decision of whether or not to be a parent in the first place. Sometimes, people end up having children whether they’re prepared or not. This too, is a difficult position to be in.
So here is something very powerful to think about on this Mother’s Day.
Not every woman can be a mother. There are so many couples out there who would love nothing more than to raise a child of their own, to participate in the great gift of life. Unfortunately, for various reasons, they cannot bear children, and it can be incredibly painful on an emotional level.
And yet, every day, there are so many who insult these women. There are those who throw away what these women want desperately but cannot have. They make what they think is a good decision. Instead, it is a convenient one.
It is not uncommon for a woman to find herself pregnant when she isn’t ready to be. And for so many of those women, the decision to go ahead and bring that child into the world is never regretted. It isn’t easy, but neither is life. In today’s world, it is important to remember that there are so many options.
Today, say a prayer of thanks for those mothers who felt they weren’t ready to be a parent and yet had that child anyway. Many of them went on to be great mothers. Some of them decided they couldn’t provide for their child and made an incredible gift – they allowed someone else to become a mother in their stead. They helped a couple that couldn’t have children become a family. Some mothers are spending this day with children they never thought they’d have. They don’t take a day like Mother’s Day for granted.
Neither should anyone else.

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