Follow the Seven ‘D’s’

While we do have a mosquito abatement district here in Jeff Davis Parish to help us get rid of Louisiana’s most persistent pest, it’s also important to remember that there are a number of easy measures to follow that can help “Fight the Bite.”
Even in dry conditions like the ones we’re seeing lately, mosquitoes are finding ways to reproduce and make a quick meal out of our arms, legs and necks. Once the rains return, the little bugs will be out in full force and looking to make up for lost time.
Abatement officials nationwide are reminding residents that prevention is, in fact, the best protection. As always, the best way to prevent mosquito swarms is to follow the “seven D’s.”
• Drain – if you drain away standing water, mosquitoes will have no place to breed. In only takes a handful of days for mosquito eggs to mature, so draining standing, stagnant water quickly or using pumps to keep water flowing are some of the best ways to kill mosquitoes.
• Dawn and Dusk –Mosquitoes are out to feed as the sun comes up and the sun goes down. Just like humans, they prefer the slightly cooler temperatures.
• Dress – If you have to be outdoors during peak mosquito times, wearing long sleeves and long pants will reduce your chances of getting bitten. Fewer bites mean a lower chance of being infected by blood-borne viruses, like malaria or West Nile virus.
• Defend – Cover yourself with effective insect repellents to further discourage mosquito bites. Use repellents with DEET, Picaridin or oil of lemon eucalyptus. While these chemicals will keep the pests away, it’s important to read and follow all directions on the label, as well. These chemicals can be dangerous if sprayed in your eyes, do not spray them directly onto your face.
• Door – Keep your doors closed and make sure your screen doors in good working condition. This will keep pests from flying indoors unexpectedly.
• District – If mosquitoes get out of control or if you have questions about abatement, you can call the parish’s abatement district at 1-800-321-2483. They’re also available at

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