The people of Welsh need to make a decison

There are two questions on the lips of residents and officials in the Town of Welsh: “How did our problems get so out of hand? How do we fix what appears to be so broken?“ Well, sometimes the person with the answers is staring back from the mirror.
A number of people would say that the escalating violence in Welsh stems from a family feud that has been underway for decades. Others say it’s because those causing the problems are selfish, refusing to put down their fists and weapons. Some people blame Welsh police, claiming they ignore citizens’ concerns.
The truth is, each and every member of the Town of Welsh, from the Board of Aldermen to the police, from residents in the northwest neighborhood to those toeing the city limits, are responsible for the condition of that community. It doesn’t take one person to decide the fate of a town; it takes everyone inside that town.
The Jennings Daily News cannot ignore that past and present concerns regarding the Welsh Police Department and its leadership are valid, and in some situations, the people have deserved better. But what everyone must remember is that police, here and across the globe, can only do their job and do it well if the community supports them and works with them. Welsh police cannot solve crimes they are unaware of. They cannot make a case out of silence. If one person has information about any type of crime but refuses to share that information, they are allowing the problems to continue. They are allowing those people who choose to make others’ lives miserable the chance to cause even more chaos. It’s understandable to fear retaliation from those people and their friends and family. But it’s not okay to allow your town to continue crumbling under that fear.
The inactions of the entire community are the reasons State Police are now needed. Following the special meeting Saturday where the resolution to ask for state assistance was adopted, some residents were quite bitter about the move. They complained State Police would be too hard on them.
What exactly do those residents want? How can they say Welsh police aren’t doing enough but State Police would be doing too much? Obviously, those residents don’t have the best answers judging by the fact that the problem has become so out of hand. Perhaps they don’t even know what it is they want.
But remember this: No person in Welsh can say it’s not their problem, because it is. Your choices affect your town. How you choose to live your life affects the lives of those around you. And if you choose to remain silent with information that could help police get some of the biggest troublemakers off the streets, then you are making the statement that you do not care. Whether fear holds you back or you feel speaking up is not your place, you are still responsible for the fate of your community.
There is no excuse for letting the innocent pay for what could have been prevented all along. State Police will likely descend on the Town of Welsh but the people will not be able to hide behind them forever. If the people aren’t willing to truly stand up for the town now, they might as well take a seat and watch it all come tumbling down.

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