Amerca’s Last Stand?

Dear Editor,

We all remember our history lessons where we learned about Custer’s Last Stand. Well, this 2012 election is America’s Last Stand. By that, I mean that depending on the outcome of this election, America will continue to be the greatest nation on Earth or she will begin to take her place among the mediocre nations of our globe. It is my contention that if President Obama wins re-election, history will record 2012 as the beginning of the end for America as we have known it. You may say, that is a pretty strong statement. Yes, true, but I strongly believe it to be true. I believe it so strongly that I want to predict that if you do not agree with me on this side of Nov. 6, you will believe me on the other side of Nov. 6 where it will be undeniably demonstrated for you. You will not be able to run from the truth then; it will be staring you in the eye at every turn.

What I want to try to impress upon you at this time is this: this election is an unprecedented election. Never have we ever had to face such grave proposition as we do now. If Obama is re-elected, this country is going to experience a very painful, paradigm shift and transition from a way of life we will never see again. In this election, we are not engaged in a traditional American presidential election. This election is distinctly different from all other elections in our history. We do not have Republican versus Democrat like we have seen in our past. We have a Republican like we have always had but we do not have a Democrat like we have always had. Obama is not just a liberal Democrat, he is much more than that. Obama is not just liberal, he is an extremely radical liberal. He is an extreme and rigid ideologue. Eventually, extreme, radical liberals morph into socialist philosophical perspectives and political perspective. I m not calling Obama a socialist but because of his radical leftist ideology, he certainly has a strong proclivity for socialistic leaning dynamics. President Obama is by far and away the closest thing to a socialist leader we have ever had. His policies reflect that in his governing.

But the most disturbing concern about Obama has to do with the fact of his anti-colonial worldview. He gets this from his father and other mentors such as Frank Marshall Davis, an avowed card-carrying Communist. Research it for yourself. Obama views America as a colonial power in the world and, consequently, America represents what is wrong with this world, namely evil colonial countries who plunder and pillage other countries in taking them over. So, an anti-colonial is determined to diminish all colonial powers so as to make an even playing field on the world stage. Obama’s policies are having a distinct diminishing affect on America, as is reflected in his horrible first term record. The economic numbers of his first term has America spiraling downward in every metric measurement you look at. This is the work of an anti-colonial president we currently have. It is a most serious situation. America needs to wake up from her slumber because we are one term from losing every vestige of our exceptional greatness as a nation. This election represents America’s Last Stand. Stand up, America. Speak up, America. And vote up, America. This is your Last Stand.


Mickey Istre


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