America is still in a downward spiral

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Bobbye and I have had some discussions lately, and some discussions that we have had in the past have also come to mind. She, from the time that we began to date, has shown some frustration with the fact that I have some difficulty in seeing areas of gray. I am pretty much a black and white thinker and allow little room for the in-between points of view. According to the results of the last two presidential elections, it seems that I need to alter my thinking. One of my loyal readers thinks that I need to change my medications; that I am brain dead; that I need to change my diet; and has made a few other suggestions that I won’t mention here.

So, I have reviewed these election results, have questioned the views of the majority of voters, and am now searching for answers that I can comprehend. First of all, let me agree with those who chose and re-elected “the king”, that we do need a major overhaul in this country. Nearly all that has been attempted and some accomplished changes that have come down from Congress and the White House over the last five decades have failed to change the downward spiral in which our country is mired. Foreign policy is not working, illegal immigration is rampant, our credit rating is dismal, our national debt ever-increasing, morality is at an all time low, the housing market is in the pits, and Social Security and Medicare are on the brink of destruction – just to mention a few of the problems that exist.

According to that which emanated from campaign promises and information that spewed forth from the debates, there will be a push to cut spending (where have we heard that before?) and increase taxes on the rich which supposedly will pay for all of the spending that has been done over the last four years and will be done over the next four. Perhaps that is an over-simplification of the plan, but covers the bases. Actually, the increase in taxes to one percent of the population will hardly cover the cost of the 47 million people who are currently on food stamps. Therefore, the revenue increases that the leaders propose will have to come from somewhere else – keep an eye on your wallet. Meanwhile, we are going to provide healthcare to millions who were not covered, allow millions of illegal immigrants to get a taxpayer provided education, and at the same time, lower the tax burden on middle income people. Show me the money.

There is still one item that needs to be cleaned up before I pledge my allegiance to the newly re-elected leader. Mr. Obama, it is time to come clean with the American people and tell us what you are hiding in the sealed records of your college years. No, I don’t think I am beating a dead horse. Chances are, no one in Congress has the guts to bring you up on charges, and impeachment will probably never happen, but I believe there are more than a few who wonder what you have to hide. I would ask the same question to anyone who holds the highest office in the land.

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