Democrats and the Death of America

Dear Editor,

I am a 61 year-old American and I never thought I’d live to see one of our political parties completely turn its back on our country and seek to do away with everything good about America. This abandonment of morality, personal responsibility, faith, and patriotism by the Democratic Party has been coming for the last couple of decades, but is accelerating at an incredible pace now. And the truly sad part about it is that the American people have been complicit in this tale of death and divisiveness within our country. Focusing only on the economy and material gain, they are choosing to turn their backs on what made America great, and as a result will reap poverty and slavery.

In past elections when the Democrats gained power, I grew to expect higher taxes; a weaker military; more abortions; terrible justices appointed to our courts; more propaganda in our schools; more people on welfare and food stamps; higher deficits; more regulation of all walks of life; less freedom; great growth of depravity and perversion; attacks on the church and people of faith; and consternation among our allies around the world. They never failed to meet my expectations and in most instances greatly exceeded them. Nothing kills freedom quicker than liberalism. For them it is all about control.

The Democratic Party is the party of death: the death of the unborn; the death of personal initiative; the death of the Christian faith; the death of personal freedom; the death of parents’ control over their children; the death of business in America; the death of moral judgments by our courts (do you really want Obama to appoint any more Supreme Court Justices? What a nightmare that would be); and the death of our sovereignty as a nation (what was Obama telling Putin he would have the freedom to do after he was reelected?).

They are the party of divisiveness: Black against white; rich against poor; union workers against non-union workers; females against males; the young against the old; and government against the church. Unity would devastate their party and do away with the culture of victim-hood that they have carefully fostered over the years.

This election is a historic turning point in the life of our country. It will decide whether we remain free or become slaves to our government. Choose wisely! Do not listen to their words. Look at what they do and you will see the truth. This much is certain. If Obama and the democrats win again, the Golden Age of Middle Earth will be over and the Orcs will have won. No place or person will be safe, either here or abroad. You will lose your safety, your freedom, your children, and your wealth. And this great country bought by the blood of so many of our brave soldiers will disappear from the earth.


John Sandiferd


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