Politicians will be spinning tales until the end of time

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When you read this column, we will have the new slate of elected politicians taking their places throughout this country. The shouting will be mostly over, however, the lying will not stop. They don’t call it lying anymore; they now refer to it as “spinning”. Back in the day, that term was used as “spinning a tall tale” which is just another way of referring to lying. Many people, both politicians and non-political folks use “spinning” as a way to make their opinions sound more acceptable to whomever they may be speaking. Yes, as a writer, I do “spin” my opinions to make them fit my particular chain of thoughts. Some who read this column will swear I never had a thought, but that’s a whole other venue. It’s my dime, so I get to say what I want. You have the right to read it or use it to light the fireplace.

A good example of “spinning” was heard many times during the debates and on the political stump throughout the campaigns. One side would swear that the employment picture was about 15 million new jobs being created, while the other side would report that unemployment was higher than when our president took office. Remember the “shovel ready jobs” and don’t ever believe that government can produce anything. Just last week, the new unemployment figures came out and the figure was a tick higher than last month, but the administration reported that was okay because the unemployed have new hope and have re-entered the job market. There was no mention of those people when the unemployment figure was conveniently lowered to below 8.0 just as I predicted it would be just before Election Day. You heard it here first folks. In my column of September 13 I suggested that very scenario. It’s all smoke and mirrors, has been, and will continue to be until we demand change in Washington.

Though the “king” coined the phrase in his campaign for the 2008 election, the “hope and change” smoke and mirrors has been used for decades. We keep putting them back in office for 2, 3, 4, …..10 terms, but change doesn’t come. Well, unless you consider the fact that Congress passes laws that exclude them while fattening their paychecks and benefits packages. If you want real change, demand that Congress give up a days pay for each day that they fail to pass a balanced budget. Demand that they work a five-day, 40-hour week in session just like we do to earn a full pay check. Demand that they use commercial tourist seating on airlines unless they choose to pay for first class accommodations from their own pocket. We certainly compensate them enough that they can afford it.

Demand a one-percent reduction in spending across the board from Congress to the city council, without reservation or exemption each year until spending returns to acceptable levels. You will be amazed how the other problems will resolve themselves. Don’t let your vote die at the polls. Make your choice of candidates do the job you sent them to do.

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