Vow to use social media only for good

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I learned this week that it is in fact possible for social media to be used for the purpose of enhancing the greater good.

After months of avoiding Facebook and loathing the site’s constant stream of content plagued by ignorant and hateful political diatribes written by people who only follow politics when it’s popular to do so (for a few months every four years), it seems like the negativity level is finally lightening up. In stark contrast to the angry and manipulative rants about the presidential race and hypocritical posts, I also noticed a few positive things about social media this week.

The first example of positive posting is the annual “30 days of thanks” leading up to Thanksgiving Day. I have really enjoyed reading about what everyone is thankful for.

When I read what others are thankful for, it makes me realize that my life is a lot easier than many others may have it, and also gives me hope that it is possible to think positively and be happy despite dour circumstances. Giving thanks for what you already have in your life can affect both the poster and the reader because showing gratitude makes you realize that things are not really as bad as they seem.

Who knows just how many people will actually be affected in some way by the onslaught of gratitude posted on social media sites each November? Focusing on the positive only bring more positive your way.

Social media can also be used to keep us connected on a larger scale than was previously possible. I was amazed and astounded this past Saturday when I celebrated my 33rd birthday. All day my phone was lighting up non-stop with messages and posts on my Facebook timeline. I could not believe how many people wished me a happy day using social media. It made me feel so special. I had no idea how much support and love I really had in my life and I realized that there was no reason to doubt myself or worry that things will not work out. I have everything I need right now. I always have.

I just want to say thank you to everyone who has ever shown me kindness and encouraged me to keep on keepin’ on. Sometimes life can be challenging, but with good friends, family and the warm and welcoming community of Jeff Davis, I have never felt more secure. I feel like I can do anything if I put my mind to it.

Yes, I may have complained in the past the Facebook makes us all too connected to one another; however, if we let it, social media can be used for good. We must put an end to the divisive dialogue and timewasters that some sites offer, and vow to use social networking only to enhance and improve lives.

We must commit to using social media only to promote the positive. Share life lessons you may have learned so that others may be inspired or impacted to change their own lives – not just how much you dislike your job or despise some personality trait that you hate because you don’t understand.

We should use social networking to bring people together – not tear them apart. There is a place for all of us on this earth and it is our differences that make life fulfilling. If we stop trying to make everyone think like us and start to celebrate the uniqueness of the human race, we just might learn something or learn to see an issue from a different perspective.

I choose to only use social networking for good. I know in the past I have complained that sites like Facebook keep us all too connected, but maybe being connected isn’t that bad after all. Social media has the power to positively affect all our lives – if we let it.

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