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Many families are in the midst of celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus. It’s the time of the year when there is so much for which to be thankful, and just this morning a young lady who has been married for 14 years told me they have finally become pregnant and are looking forward to the birth of their first child. It is a sign that God has not yet given up on the human race. We certainly have had many examples of man’s inhumanity to man, the most glaring recently being the horrible tragedy in Connecticut.

Many have asked how a loving God can allow such a tragedy to take place, but those of faith know that God is not to blame. Though we may never know the reasons that caused this young man to snap and take the lives of so many, it is a repeat of similar incidents that have taken place in our history. Though some will inevitably ask why God would allow this to happen, few will ask what I can do to reach out to others, to make someone feel loved, wanted, and appreciated. If we all did more to seek the good in others, and to make them aware of the good that is in each of us, maybe there would be fewer incidences of someone feeling so alienated as to cause them to destroy. Maybe too many of us seek love in all the wrong places because too few of us are willing to share our love with them.

The tragedy will repeat itself to all of these families affected year after year when the holidays approach, and though this took place far from our home, each of us is affected in some way. I think that parents all over the world probably held their children a little closer and a little tighter this week, somehow fearful that such a tragedy could strike anywhere and anytime. One can hardly turn on a newscast or pick up a newspaper without hearing of the death of someone, either by tragic accident or at the hands of someone intentionally inflicting the pain, suffering and death. Since the beginning of time, we have been warned of the evil dwelling among us, and express our abhorrence to the headline grabbing incidents such as the Connecticut incident or the Columbine massacre, but seem to easily disregard or ignore similar incidents that happen right here at home. We have certainly had our share of murders in and around home, yet our hearts seem unchanged.

Jealousy, greed, dishonesty, moral depravity, and disregard for our fellow human beings is more than obvious daily on the streets and in the homes of our communities. Divorce, broken families, child and spousal abuse, abortion, and abandonment are tragedies that we see right here. Yet, though we are outraged at the attention-getting acts of horror, we hardly turn an ear or blink an eye when tragedy strikes right here at home. Though each tragedy has its own special details and facts that surround it, the common thread through all of them is our lack of love and caring for those around us on whom we can have an effect

Maybe, just maybe, the timing of this most recent tragedy is a blessing because the Christmas season usually finds us a little more open to those in need. Our hearts and minds seem to be more aware and willing to reach out to others, but too soon revert to self-centering and self-gratification. When we are most vulnerable seems to be the time when God reaches for our attention. Are we listening?

Maybe this tragic holiday event should serve as a reminder to also love those who are not so easy to love. Merry Christmas and God’s Blessings to all of you.

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