It’s time for America to take a firm stand

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Recently, I couldn’t help but notice that when the East Coast was devastated by Hurricane Sandy and the calls went out for help for those who lost property and lives, again the U. S. Government responded, which is the norm. Anytime there is a major disaster in this country, the government (taxpayers) is called upon to clean up the mess; provide for those who have been affected; and absorb the losses for those who did not have insurance to cover their losses. We taxpayers do this on a daily basis, caring for the sick and the poor who don’t have the means to pay for their own healthcare – doctors, hospital stays, medicines, etc.

What I also noticed was all those foreign nations which we have assisted with our dollars, food, equipment, knowledge, technology and sweat when they experienced any kind of tragedy, have once again failed to offer up even a cup of coffee. As members of the United Nations, we provide more than 80 percent of the monetary support to an organization made up of countries that hate and consistently vote against the U.S over 80 percent of the time. We maintain military bases, embassies and consulates in many of these countries and have done so since World War II. Obviously, there is a need for some military establishments throughout the world if we intend to continue as the supreme military power of the world. I firmly believe in the adage, “peace through strength.” However, the results are far from perfect.

It is past time for us to withdraw from the position of policemen to the world, close many of these military and political establishments, and put those assets to work where they will do more good. It is time for us to put the world on notice that we will no longer be the “nanny state” to the world, and they better learn to pull themselves up by the bootstraps. It is also time for our leaders to find some guts to face up to those who would and do inflict death and suffering upon Americans, and quit trying to negotiate with terrorists. It is time to send a clear message to those who harbor or support terrorism that we will leave nothing but melted sand in our wake. History has proven that limited or restricted military action has no place in the face of an enemy who is set on destruction or dominance of America. We still stand at the 38th Parallel in Korea. Limited action in Vietnam caused the loss of over 58,000 of our young men and women, while negotiations for a peaceful resolution were mired down in what shape the table should have been. Negotiations and threats to Middle Eastern terrorist strongholds continue to take American and Allied lives to no avail.

If we had leaders in Washington they would serve notice to our enemies that if one hair on an American’s head is harmed, we will melt your country. Though Hiroshima and Nagasaki were horrible tragedies, they served the purpose. Tomorrow is the 71st anniversary of Pearl Harbor. War is ugly, and as long as there is war, the innocent will suffer along with the guilty. We must take the stand, use our military superiority, get in, get the job done, get out, and stop sacrificing young men and women to political nonsense. We are becoming prisoners in our own homes because we are afraid to hurt someone’s feelings. It’s time we stepped on a few toes.

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