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Dear Editor,

As we ponder the recently completed election and the continuing battle between the political parties over the approaching “Fiscal Cliff”; it becomes apparent that we are no longer the United States of America. We are a country divided very closely 50/50 into the power struggle of two political parties so different in ideology that what ever victory one party achieves is alienating the other 50 percent of the population.

We saw maps of red states and blue states, and a few swing states, drawn by newscasters to give us some idea as to the areas with defined ideologies. This farther enhanced my views that we are really two different countries, and not the United States of America.

Fifty percent of America believes with all their heart that an all powerful government with complete power to tax the successful and redistribute the wealth, along withWashington having complete dominance over state governments is the answer to all our problems and that it is the obstruction by the opposing party that prevents utopia from coming into being.

The other 50 percent believe in the original constitution with limited federal government interference, more individual freedom, states rights over federal control, increased family values and morality, and allowing entrepreneurs to keep more of their hard earnings with minimal regulations on their business endeavors. They also believe that it is the obstructionist attitude by the opposition that prevents their success.

Both sides are devout believers in their cause and will never change by any attempts at persuasion; nor would they be satisfied with compromise. There is also an equally important factor that makes compromise impossible; the power of the entrenched career politicians in positions of power in Washington, who are well satisfied with the status quo of the continuing battle between the two parties.

This divide between we the people has reached such a proportion that one author has written a book giving intricate detail about dividing the United States into two separate countries of willing participants. One country, being those states which truly believe in their progressive liberal philosophy, and the other being the states which are truly conservative, agree with our founding fathers, and the original ideas of how a government should be run; more by the people and less by the government. This author states that there is within our existing constitution a provision for making an Amendment to the constitution to do just that, and if ever done it would be veto proof by the President.

Under this scenario all citizens would live in a country compatible with their ideology and need not hold animosity with the citizens of the other country of different ideology.

I’ll not go into detail about his book except to say that as extreme as it is, it is the only suggestion I have heard that even comes close to solving the continued division we are experiencing today in the United States. His Book is “Red or Blue? This Book is 4 U!”

For those of you who like to think, I recommend you read his book. His name is Bob Jackson.

J B Hargroder MD


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