Reader Shares Views on Gun Control

Dear Editor,

Will we need law enforcement or drivers ed as auto chauffeurs drive us to the grocery store?

Autos have killed thousands all over the states as some people don’t even have a driver’s license or choose whom they eliminate.

Tons of sheet metal coming at you on a four lane in the form of a transport is about as safe as a machine gun in a jokester’s hand.

A fog in Orange, Texas, destroyed about 50 cars and trucks and also killed people lodged in a small vehicle with no age required.

This happens from New York to Miami and on through the west coast every single day.

This killing all over America is no comparison to this school shooting which could have been prevented but a truck driver that falls asleep at the wheel is a nightmare on a four lane.

Bus drivers that transport about 60 passengers that end up in the woods when he fell asleep or used drugs is no safe outlet nor will this appear on TV for weeks, no matter the number of deaths.

The gun he held was in his wallet in the form of a driver’s license.

We need to abolish large transports as they destroy too many lives and have no choice as to whom they run over.

Big destroys little, it always happens. We will get through this with meaningful actions, not alarmist ones.

It’s about who holds the wheel or who pulls the trigger as now in Shirley, NY.

America is about choice, don’t buy guns or large trucks! Compromise! Ride the train.


Dick Waltrip


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