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Dear Editor,

Shortly after the presidential election, the Jennings Daily News (JDN) published an article entitled, “Readers react to another four years of Obama,” wherein the JDN cited the opinions of many of its Facebook followers who were asked by the JDN how they felt about the election results. The writer of the article went on to state that “most voters in Jeff Davis Parish said they were disappointed with the outcome of the presidential election.” (The re-election of President Obama to a second term in the White House.) There were comments cited that were in support of President Obama as well as those against him. But, it appeared that a significant number of comments were against the president. And, even though we believe in a person’s Right to Free Speech and Freedom of the Press under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, many of the expressions were disrespectful towards President Obama, implying that he is a socialist or communist and anti-America. The truth of the matter is that President Obama defeated Governor Romney because his party’s platform was much more inclusive of a diverse, broad group of Americans than what Governor Romney and the Republicans were offering. Yes, Louisiana and Jeff Davis Parish overwhelmingly support Governor Romney over President Obama but Louisiana and Jeff Davis Parish are apparently both out of step with the majority of America, because President Obama won the presidential election because he obtained an overwhelming majority of the Electoral College votes. President Obama received 332 electoral votes to Governor Romney’s 206. He also won 50.6 percent of the nation’s popular vote. Most importantly, President Obama obtained the support of a broad and diverse group of people. He not only won the black vote but also the votes of single women, Latinos, Asians, young people, college educated people and the LGBT community. The only demographic that Governor Romney won was the white vote, especially white males. The reality is that the American electorate is becoming less monolithic, dominated by the white vote, and is becoming more diverse, which is why the leaders of the Republican Party, including Governor Bobby Jindal, have been humbled and are now reflecting on how the Republican Party can appeal to more diverse groups of people instead of just catering to those who traditionally held most of the power, which were whites and, more particular, rich whites. In a few decades, whites will lose their majority status in this country as minority groups grow; therefore, we must embrace policies that are inclusive of all Americans, not just whites and the rich. The moment is now, Jeff Davis Parish and Louisiana, to get with the times or get left behind.



Robert Rubin, Torrie Thibodeaux, Melvin Adams, Curtis Lemoine



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