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Happy New Year. Bobbye and I wish the best for you and your families for this year and all the years to come.

Having said that let me give you a few suggestions for this year of 2013. If you have a job, try and hold on to it. Those 550 or so people in Washington that you have elected to control your lives are going to do just that. That little stopgap measure that Congress passed is nothing more than kicking the can down the road for another couple of months. There is still much work to be done, and there seems to be no one there with the guts to do what is necessary. Although the elections are over for now, campaigning never ceases for the elected and 2014 will bring a whole new slate of people looking to get re-elected or seeking another place at the public trough because they have termed out.

That campaigning will take the shape of not cutting what can and needs to be cut from the budget, because the gutless are worried they will lose votes if cuts are made to programs that we have become dependent upon. Dependency is what keeps them elected until we become enslaved. If you noticed, Congress has relinquished their pay raise, for now, but at the same time, your social security withholdings will show up as a decrease in your paychecks immediately. There was a temporary reduction put in place a couple of years ago to help jumpstart the economy, but that has expired so you will see a $10 – $50 decrease in your paycheck, depending on your earnings. It doesn’t sound like much, but consider it to be previews of coming attractions. The small cost of living raise for those of us on Social Security will be eaten up by the increased cost of health insurance. One of my supplements to Medicare just went up 25 percent There was no warning from the company or my agent, therefore, I did not shop for a possible replacement during the allotted time we can make changes.

Secondly, I would recommend no major purchases until you are certain you will have a job for the rest of the year. Hold on to whatever reserves you have, you may need it to buy ammunition. The Fed has announced that they will continue to hold down interest rates, so you will continue to get no return on your investments. If you checked Wednesday morning, you noticed the stock market is having an “up” day, however, the first bad news that comes from Washington will send the averages heading for the toilet. If you think the stock market doesn’t control your life you are not listening. Everything that you consume is controlled by what happens on Wall Street, and Washington controls everything that happens on Wall Street. If the speculators cause the price of wheat or diesel to rise, you will feel it the next time you need a loaf of bread. The speculators will cause the price of diesel to rise when the White House does something dumb, like drilling moratoriums.

It may have started during the “flower children” movement, the drop out society who were probably the first “occupy Wall Street” people when they announced, “never trust anyone over 30.” That group’s effort to change the world has produced the generation that expects government to supply all our needs and wants, and has voted to continue government intrusion into our lives. Responsibility and self-reliance are words soon to be removed from all dictionaries and reference books and the pot-smoking dropouts of the 60’s can claim victory. Socialism is a wonderful plan until you run out of other people’s money.

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