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The Great Flood of 2013

When I headed out of Jennings that Saturday afternoon, Bayou Nezpique had just touched the edge of either side of La. 97. It was still raining.

By Sunday, water was pouring over highways. Since I live between bayous Nezpique and Des Cannes, there were few places left for me to drive unless I planned to travel north for an hour or so.

I was quite fortunate during the flood. Though my yard turned into a mud pit and parking now means sliding down the driveway while praying my car eventually stops, I certainly did not have the problems many of my friends and relatives had with flooding homes and evacuations.

Of course, I did encounter the great crazies that come out when a natural disaster hits.

As I worked from home contacting law enforcement agencies and school and city officials to post important updates to the newspaper’s social media page, I realized just how many people believe they know it all.

One of the best quotes?

“Lake Arthur should have had school. It makes no sense that all these other kids had to go to school but Lake Arthur was out for a week!”

Sure. Let’s have school in Lake Arthur during a flood. People are piling sandbags around their homes, volunteers are piling clay on the levees to keep water out, the Coast Guard is setting up safe zones on the waterways, some homes are seeing water come inside and street after street is barricaded – but let’s load up the buses and have some math. Even if the levees broke and the town was doused in water, I’m sure it would have been a calm scene at Lake Arthur High School and Elementary. Parents would have lined up patiently, neatly in vehicles/canoes and waited kindly for their children to be dismissed because parents of students are always so calm and level headed.

Since this is the Opinions page, I just have to say that the complaining about the canceling of school in Lake Arthur by many was stupid. I’m not saying the people with those opinions are stupid.

I want to.

But I’m not.

Kudos to all of our area officials, law enforcement agencies and volunteers who worked throughout the flood to keep people safe and life in this area somewhat normal. I personally think everyone did a great job, especially considering that the damage in the parish was minimal and everyone made it through the flood safely.


“Mama, put my guns in the ground; I can’t shoot them anymore.”

The United State of America is divided (yet again) now that the federal government is looking to crack down on gun crimes and violations. Either side of the issue seems to be okay with the basics – you know, hand guns, hunting guns, water pistols – but if you move beyond those basics, welcome to a (gun) fight.

Here’s how the fight looks: If you want stricter gun laws, want certain guns banned, want limits placed on how much ammo one person can purchase, etc., you are blindly following a shady government and setting Americans up for oppression and Nazi-like control. If you want to buy all the guns you can afford and stockpile ammo like you’re recreating the Battle of the Alamo, you are a backwoods hick who supports the senseless slaughter of innocent human beings.

What I am more interested in is how one of President Barack Obama’s executive actions in the matter will play out. One action requires physicians to know that they can ask individuals about guns they might have in their homes.

That is understandable, considering that some with severe mental health issues have easy access to weapons.

However, I’m not even honest with my doctor about my health. Do you really expect me to confide in him about the weapons I have in my home? Nice try, Uncle Sam.


“Keep on rockin’ in the free world.”

Obama officially took office for a second term this week and, as is customary with any president in the White House, there were a number of parties and balls held to celebrate the event.

One of my friends spent most of Monday glued to the television watching inaugural coverage and was quite surprised that I was not doing the same.

“I have to watch enough political stuff, why would I watch that?” I asked her.

On top of that, I never watch inaugurations: not for George H.W. Bush, not Bill Clinton and not George W. and, no Obama, either. No matter who is taking office, I get little joy out of watching a bunch of rich people get together for multi-million dollar parties to talk about how much power they have amassed for the next four years, especially while people like you and I waiting for income tax refunds to pay for actual necessities in life.





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