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Dear Editor,

“Never let a Crisis Go to Waste.” These are famous words by politicians, put into practice every day, and very effective.

Gov. Christie of New Jersey, was shown hand in hand with Pres. Obama for photographs after the massive hurricane, it gained political points for both. The affected people, however, are still waiting for the expedited services they were promised to get.

When a bill was finally drafted to supply necessary funds for the victims it had already been watered down with funds for other states, such as improving fish hatcheries in Alaska.(Politicians from across the U.S. thought they may as well use the crisis also). Gov. Christie, the staunch conservative, didn’t bother to check out the pork before condemning his fellow conservatives for turning down the initial proposal until the pork was removed and spending cuts were made.

Movie theater shootings and, in particular, the more recent massacre of little school children, was an opportunity no politician could pass up. This type of tragedy pulls at the heart strings of every American and must be used for maximum benefit by the politician.

No budget for running our country for over four years. The only proposal put out by the President was voted down by both the Senate and the House. Unemployment is running steady at eight percent and is more like 14 percent if those leaving the workforce out of desperation were counted. The national debt is approaching 17 trillion dollars. The debt ceiling debacle is rapidly approaching, and the unfunded liabilities have now reached proportions where we are running out of zeros to record the figures.

Our country, of over 300,000,000 people, are in dire need of responsible politicians who understand the need to correct the national problem of debt and prevent the destruction of the entire country. Both Republicans and Democrats have allowed themselves to be sidetracked by “crisis” whenever it is in the best interest of the politician, and it allows them to avoid concentrating on our main issue; financial stability!

At present our politicians and all media coverage is headed after gun control like the people of Oklahoma during the great land rush. Most agree that no matter what is decided, nothing great will be accomplished except to satisfy the grieving families temporarily.

We, as Americans, must get across to all politicians of all parties that a bankrupt nation cannot assist its own, much less the rest of the world. We must get our finances in order to once again be the great country we once were.

We have only one crisis that should be the concern of every citizen and every politician. We must have a budget to follow, that budget cannot spend more money than what revenue is taken in on any given year. A plan must be formulated to increase revenue so that gradual increase in revenue can be applied to reduction of debt. Social security and Medicare must be researched, and increased payments put in to the programs as well as age of retirement must be adjusted to meet actuarial calculations. The tax code presently employed should be completely abolished and a new system (proposed by a group of independent economists with no politicians involved) installed. (“The Fair Tax”is one such proposal). All money given to any foreign country should be discontinued until our books start showing black figures.

If I had the authority I would lock all politicians, House and Senate, in a large room. No time off, none of this three-day work week, until all of the above had been accomplished. Once accomplished we, the people, should be assured that every politician who represents us must share the same regulations they have imposed on us. It is our responsibility to make our politicians start thinking about the salvage of the entire country, not the everyday crises that will continue to occur.

J B Hargroder, MD


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