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Most of us who live in this part of the country probably never heard the name Heidi Heitkamp, but she is a new Senator elected from the state of North Dakota.  She is a Democrat, but after reading a couple of news items and listening to an interview she did, she is the kind of Democrat that I think I could I align myself with.  She is not hard core liberal nor staunch conservative, but appears, at first glance to be someone who vividly sees the problems that this country faces and plans to step up to face those problems while serving.  She is not overly concerned with whose toes she may have to step on, nor does she align herself with her party’s path.  She won the closest election in 50 States this past November so she was not an overwhelming selection by the voters in her State.  That doesn’t seem to bother her either, and though she has already been maligned by “green” organizations for her support of the Keystone Pipeline Project and questioned by gun enthusiasts about her lack of interest in gun control legislation that will surely be a part of the upcoming congressional session, her priorities are fiscal sanity.

She indicates that there are much more pressing issues facing this Nation and the highest priority should be getting the fiscal house in order.  If Congress and the White House fail to get spending under control, all the other issues including global warming, gun control, healthcare and education will be moot points because we will cause an economic earthquake that will be felt around the world.  I heard a scary statistic reported this week —-that we Americans consume 99% of the painkillers distributed in the world.  I know that seems to be a strange point to ponder, but it is a glaring description of Americans.  It also is the reason we are heading towards economic and moral disaster.  Drugs are the answer to everything.  Drugs are the head-in-the-sand solution to nearly all of our problems.  We are not even talking here of illegal drugs, which are obviously a problem, but over-the-counter and prescription medications that are the (solution?) to whatever ails the nation.

Just turn on the television at any time and you will get a steady diet of medical ads for everything that ails us from ingrown toenails to brain cancer.  You can medicate yourself into oblivion, simply so you can look better, dance longer, and sleep.  Sleep comes with clean living, healthy eating and drinking, and a little exercise.  It shouldn’t come from a bottle at the drug store.  Note the side effects of every drug advertised in the media and it should scare the socks off you.  If it doesn’t, just wait for the next commercial and there will be some lawyer trying to convince you that the medicine you took or the surgical procedure you underwent may be your ticket to paradise, right after he collects his 40% plus expenses.

It’s the American Way.  Medicate yourself beyond normal function, then blame society for all your problems, look for the easy way out, and expect the government (the taxpayers) to take care of you from cradle to grave.  The voting majority just elected a President who promises bigger government, though he has no idea how it can be financed.  Of course, he convinced the voters that the rich people will pay for it, but just wait until you see your bill for Obamacare.  You will be wondering if Obama thinks you are the rich people.  For example, if you make $40,000 a year, and many couples make that if they are just drawing Social Security, your medical premium will be over $400 a month to abide by Obama’s new law.  That’s just the tip of the iceberg and we are the Titanic.

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