Is anyone listening?

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The President has given his State of The Union address, but I think there are some things that he failed to mention. He certainly did the best that he could to cover his failings during his first four-year term, and he has not revealed any solutions to the myriad of problems facing this country. However, he didn’t miss the opportunity to find blame with others who are contributing to the problems.

Let’s see, he forgot to mention that there are 700,000 to one million homeless people in this country. Some 48-50 million people live below the poverty line and this report for 2011 was the fourth consecutive increase reported. He also forgot to mention the national debt of $16.5 trillion has increased an astounding 39 percent since he took office. Just so you have a little better understanding of how much money the government is throwing away, if you were alive at the time of the birth of Jesus Christ, and you spent $1 million every day since that day until the present, you still would not have spent $1 trillion. Certainly the President is not entirely to blame as the fat cats on Capitol Hill have been entrenched in the tomfoolery for many years longer than I care to think about. The expected national debt should reach $22 trillion by 2017 when the new President will take office.

Now, we have a U.S. population of about 315 million, of which about one-third are taxpayers. There are approximately 22 million unemployed. According to reports, this Friday, March 1, 2013, will signify the beginning of supposedly (devastating cuts) in the national budget that has all of Washington, the media, and the stock market in a turmoil because some insist that the economy will fall apart if we try to get the insane spending reigned in. Mr. Obama says that we don’t have a spending problem, but insists that we have a tax problem, continuing to assault the top one-percent income earners and their failure to pay enough taxes. Even if somehow he raised all the tax rates in this country to 90 percent, the government would continue to spend $1.40 for every dollar it brings in. The media will, and is, trying to convince you that is fiscally responsible spending. You and I cannot do it in our private lives, business cannot do it and survive, and government certainly cannot do it since they produce absolutely nothing.

The media will try to convince you that we will not have enough food inspectors, air traffic controllers, money for Social Security and Medicare, and we will weaken our National Defense with these (devastating cuts), but what they won’t tell you is that we continue to have military establishments skewed around the world, many having been in place since World War II, and serving little or no purpose. One example of spending cuts is a demolition project at a Naval Air Station in New Orleans, and the possible cancellation of a Blue Angels Air Show at Barksdale Air Force Base. Give me a break, folks. We have to get serious about budgetary cuts and if we can cut a half million dollars used to assist people in job searches, then I say let them read the want ads and find their own jobs. If the Department of Defense has to reduce its civilian personnel and payroll, is that a weakening of our defense, or is it primarily cuts in favoritism to those who supported certain candidates? Sure, there will be some good that will be lost, but considering the predominance of waste throughout government, the bad we eliminate will certainly outweigh the good that we lose.

But if you think we, the public, are concerned with all that is going on in this financial chaos, much less nuclear threats from N. Korea and Iran, think again. Apparently we are much more concerned with who won the Oscars and what they were wearing.

Is anyone listening?

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