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Dear Editor:

For the past four-plus years I have endured reading letters to the editor almost weekly from Obama haters and feel compelled to enlighten them on a few topics. The past two elections, Republicans have put up their best candidates against Obama and they couldn’t even defeat a him with high unemployment, soaring deficit, who is blamed for everything, bad happening in the world and in peoples personal lives. Accept it, he won. No matter how much you complain, low rate him, and blame him for; it isn’t going to change the outcome. The only ones listening and buying your rhetoric are the 47 percent who voted against him, mostly members of the Republican party (or the so called “stupid party” labeled as such by their “golden boy” Bobby Jindal).

Opponents of President Obama oppose abortion and same-sex marriage citing they are for morality and Christian values, but when another “golden boy” David Vitter immorally carouses with prostitutes and un-Christian like cheats on his wife; what do they do? Why overwhelmingly re-elect him. So much for being for Christian values and morality.

So if these people continue writing their letters thinking their going to change Obama supporter minds or alter the outcome of the election and claim to be for morality and Christian values, then they are proving Gov. Jindal’s label is correct. All the accusations, blame and bad mouthing didn’t work on 53 percent of voters.

Larry Guidry


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