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Dear Editor,

The American citizen has for years been losing faith in their elected officials sent to Washington to carry out their wishes. It has now reached a point of being ashamed of the actions taken by our representation in Washington . For the sake of brevity I will list a few without going into too much detail.

1. Authority claiming to be the truth; instead of “Truth being the Authority”. How many absolute lies must we endure from politicians with no recourse when they are proven dead wrong in their statements? (Too many concrete examples to list in this correspondence, but the truth is always bent enough to fit into political strategy)

2. Susan Rice offered as the sacrificial lamb, on the Bengazi issue, to protect Hilary Clinton and President Obama during the latter stages of his campaign, after he so proudly told the world Bin Laden was dead and Al Qaida was decimated. Absolute lies by administration, a willingness by the liberal press not to push the issue, and the President willing to ruin the political career of Susan Rice. (Expose Susan to the talk shows to tell the lies so that Hilary and Obama can be excused)

3. The comedy called an investigation of the Bengazi attack on our Embassy. I was brought to laughter by the Democratic Senators and Representatives who could not come up with one pertinent question for Senator Clinton because they used their 5 minutes praising her and preparing the liberal press for her presidential run. The Republicans were only a little better because of the format used, and only Senator Paul made the statement that with all the shortcomings before and during the attack under her watch, had he been president, she would have been asked to resign. To think that we tax payers have to foot the bills for such extreme wastes of time by so many of those who could be trying to fix our main concern which is our financial instability.(absolutely nothing was gained in the way of information by this wasted afternoon)

4. The Government Accountability office issuing a statement that “without significant cuts in spending and increase in revenue the Government was on an unsustainable course”. This news did not make the headlines of one mainstream newspaper or television station, and was never brought up as a news item in either house. (Gun reform, full speed ahead!)

6. The President, Constitutional Law instructor, appoints 3 to National Labor Relations Board. His actions found unconstitutional by federal appeals court; probably making some 300 decisions made by the board during the past year null and void. (He just loves his executive orders)

7.  Washington itself has become the wealthiest city in the  United States . Doesn’t that give some reason for alarm? The Aristocracy which has evolved no longer represents the people, but the families of the politician, and the lobbyists. A revolving door through which pass the wealthiest and most powerful people in the  United States ; and those positions are now handed down from one family member to another and with increasing frequency as the years go by.

These are only a few of my frustrations; it would take a book length correspondence to convey the real frustrations of we at the bottom of the totem poll. I just wanted to keep you informed.

Your very frustrated constituent:

J B Hargroder MD


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