Society is in a Downward Spiral

Dear Editor,

For as long as we have known the human species there have been the Money Masters. Even when all trade was done by barter, they knew how to accumulate the more valuable products in which to trade. When currency came into being they became the “Goldsmiths and Silversmiths”, and eventually “Bankers, and finally, into Central Bankers” The latter being the super elite Bankers at the top to the totem pole who have learned that with taxpayers from the nation forced by law to be responsible for the nations debts to the central bank they could never have bad debts. Worse yet, where they had some gold as Capital years ago, they now simply, by electronics, transfer money from one column to another as they loan ridiculous sums of money to Governments with no real backing to the funny money being loaned. The Nations involved have all become “Socialistic” which basically is a government that proposes for its population complete care from cradle to grave in return for their perpetual votes which keep the right politicians in office for most of their political lives. This starts out being a system loved by all, but in the end the Nation always collapses because everyone working for government, or for government handouts, produces nothing worthwhile and no jobs for the underlings. As Margaret Thatcher has famously said “sooner or later you will run out of using other peoples’ money”. The United States had no inflation from 1775 until 1913 when President Wilson started our Central Bank, our Federal Reserve. In the last hundred years under our Federal Reserve, [supposedly created to prevent severe monetary fluctuations such as inflation], inflation has increased 30 fold, or 3,000 percent.

A secondary group of Money masters are the gifted entrepreneurs who start and run very successful businesses, or the very gifted athlete or artist, or coach, who starts making millions and hundreds of millions per year and feel like no amount is enough. None of these realize that the extreme payments of salary to a gifted ball player, or coach, is preventing the average  family from being able to afford tickets for their children to watch the ball game. The CEO of a company making extreme salaries may be preventing the company from paying adequate wages to some employees. Unions come in to rectify this problem; soon the Union bosses start to want too much power, have too much influence on politicians, ask too much for employees, companies loose money, and all loose. Both of these groups could be described as “Rapacious Capitalism” which is destroying the reputation of our “Capitalistic Republic” way of life which has been so successful for so long.

So much for the “Money Masters”, let us talk some about the other group, who we will call the “Entitlement Society”. I am not a Psychologist by trade but 50 years dealing with families in the field of medicine gives me some inside information.

Babies are born as the premier examples of entitlement society. They need someone to attend to their every need, and they show fits of anger if those needs are not met. The job of the parent is to ever so gradually teach the child how to become a self sufficient adult.

A good example of a very bad beginning I have witnessed is a one-year old child’s birthday party. With the child, well shielded with plastic sheet, making a total mess with the cake; throwing it in all directions while proud parents, grandparents, and friends, applauded and took pictures to remember the joyous occasion. A great starting lesson to the child that no matter what mess you get yourself into someone will be there to clean it up. It moves on into later years when they all get trophies; no winners, no losers, and usually no failures. Everybody gets “Equal Justice,” not individual justice.  As we progress into the teenage years with that same attitude the need for sexual expression arises and instead of thinking of consequences of unwanted pregnancies, no need to worry we have abortion readily available. If for any reason you decide not to abort, still have no worry, the taxpaying public will care for as many babies as you care to have, and supply food stamps also. The young man involved is much better off to just disappear; staying around could involve responsibility which was never taught, and someone will surely take care of the situation so he needn’t bother.

On the upper scale model is our college graduates who have not been taught the necessary maturity and that they may not get their first job as the president of the company. Also, if they do get a job that doesn’t last they may not be able to collect unemployment or disability for the rest of their lives. If parents glorify their children and their accomplishments out of proportion to their real accomplishments, the child soon begins to think of themselves as superior to the older adult and finds it very difficult when things don’t go his or her way.  They cannot subject themselves to any authority!

I have described both sides and that there is a problem; there is no place in the middle for the hard working middle class employee who does understand the basic principles of survival, but these other groups have squeezed them out. Too many rules, too many laws, too many lawyers, too many regulations, too many unions run incorrectly, all are destroying job creation, because businesses are not able to keep their earnings to expand; instead they must downsize to economize resulting in fewer and fewer jobs, lower salaries, and a shrinking economy.

Will we ever see a return to the type of company where the CEO watches carefully that his or her salary doesn’t adversely affect the ability to adequately compensate the employees, and that all employees realize that only if their company is able to make fair profit can they expect to advance within company ranks. They must work together, not one against the other, if both are expected to succeed; and can this be done without unions and litigation?

As for the entitlement gang; this has to be corrected from childhood and self sufficiency preached daily; if successful in years to come those young adults may be able to vote out of power the politicians who have up until now been successful in creating the “Entitlement Society”. Today we are in a downward spiral not just in our country but around the world battling these two extremes. You then add in the Islamic discard in the Middle East, and we are leaving an unenviable task for our children and grandchildren to solve. It is not unsolvable; we must understand the disease before a cure can be concocted. The beginning of the cure is to insist on rebuilding a strongUnited States. Only when we are once again strong should we be offering help to the rest of the world. Washington is in a worse mess now than ever before in our history. It will take many Americans searching for the truth, not listening to the perpetual lies of politicians, many years to politically transform Washington; please join the fight. President Washington once said “Truth will ultimately prevail with enough pain endured to bring it to light”. A country with more takers than makers cannot continue to survive!

J B Hargroder MD


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