The pied piper is marching the rats into the sea

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Are you better off than you were four years ago? Eight years ago? Twelve years ago? Twenty-five years ago? Well, let’s take a look at just the recent past. It was announced during the last quarter last year that we would get a raise in Social Security – a three-percent raise. I think it is referred to as a Cost of Living increase, but according to my calculations, the Cost of Living at my house certainly has increased more than three percent Medicare Part B has increased eight percent from 2012 to 2013. Part F supplemental insurance to pay for whatever Medicare doesn’t cover has increased nine percent and Part D supplemental insurance which covers part of prescription costs has increased 25 percent and Obamacare hasn’t fully kicked in yet. Have your roll of toilet paper and your bar of bath soap gotten any larger? How about that four-pound bag of sugar dressed up to look like five pounds – has the price gone down?

There are a number of small businesses who have 50 or more employees within driving distance of home and these companies are looking very carefully at reducing that number to below 50 so that they will not be forced to purchase Obamacare, which costs would devastate their businesses. Is your job one of those that may be cut or will your company bankrupt when forced to purchase insurance it can’t afford?

Has the cost of living gone up or down at your house? Have fuel prices gone up? Have groceries, utilities and school costs gone up? If you have had the opportunity to refinance your home, chances are you are paying a lower note to be a homeowner. However, the government-squeezing of interest rates also affects anything you are lucky enough to save for your future. Interest on savings accounts, CDs, IRAs, and 401Ks are at a low rate that probably hasn’t been seen since the banks began to recover from the 1929 crash and resulting depression. Go back and read “The Grapes of Wrath” and you will see where our future might be if Washington doesn’t get a grip on spending. If you think you have been hit hard by all these rising costs, you haven’t seen anything yet. Gov. Jindal is seeking ways to get rid of the State Income Tax, and he wants it to be revenue neutral, but that is just political rhetoric. Headlines this week indicated that new taxes on tobacco may be an option, and that is just the beginning. King Obama has already increased taxes on all of us, but he has made you believe that only the rich will pay higher taxes. He has conveniently forgotten to mention the golden rule. “He who has the gold makes the rules.” Those “rich” taxpayers also control most of the nation’s businesses and I guarantee you that we will end up paying the bill for higher taxes through higher costs of goods and services from those companies. Look for a national sales tax to be added to the higher cost of those goods. Obama will again convince his followers that we need that to reduce the deficit while he and Congress find new and improved ways to waste more money.

There are an estimated 46 million people in the U.S. who don’t have health insurance. Of that number, over 10 million are not citizens of this country, and over 18 million are below the age of 34 and choose not to participate in health insurance, even when their company offers it. Implementing Obamacare is estimated to cost over $1 trillion dollars and will add $220 billion to the federal deficit in the first five years. Of course, that doesn’t sound like much when you compare it to the trillion dollars a year that is being added to the deficit now.

Young people, this is your warning. We who are in our golden years will not suffer the bulk of the tragedy that Washington is bringing on this country. We will be pushing up daisies while you try to figure out why your $250,000 annual salary can’t pay the bills and your children will have it even tougher when they achieve adulthood. You better take another look at “the pied piper” and see that he is marching the rats into the sea.

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