Shouldn’t we be in prayer?

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Tomorrow is the day that Christians around the world should be in mourning, as it is the day when our Lord gave himself up to a horrendous and painful death to redeem us from sin. Shouldn’t we be in prayer? The Supreme Court of this nation is in session deciding on whether or not to recognize same sex marriages. Shouldn’t we be in prayer? China, North Korea and Iran are threatening nuclear war against the United States – shouldn’t we be in prayer?

Drugs, violence, murder, rape, domestic, child, and sexual abuse are rampant, and our prisons are filled to capacity  – shouldn’t we be in prayer? Our nation’s leaders are at war with each other, partisan politics and obstinance are the barricades to progress  – shouldn’t we be in prayer?

We continue to murder over one million unborn children every year, calling it freedom of choice. Shouldn’t we be in prayer? Churches are in turmoil from failed leadership, ungodly practices, and fickle flocks who seek entertainment, negotiable commandments, and self-gratification. Shouldn’t we be in prayer?

There are numerous signs that our economic presence and future are precariously perched for a major implosion. Someone has assembled some frightening statistics that should make us vividly aware of that future. For example, just before the recession in 2007 the GDP was 2.5 percent today 1.6 percent Gasoline was $2.75, now $3.49. The unemployment figure has doubled and Americans on food stamps has risen from 26.9 million to 47.69 million (nearly doubled). The United States debt has grown from just over $9 trillion to over $16.5 trillion and consumer confidence has dropped from 99.5 percent to 69.6 percent. The United States debt as a percentage of Gross Domestic Product has soared from 38 percent to over 74 percent and Washington continues to spend money like shoppers on Black Friday. Shouldn’t we be in prayer?

Are you at odds with your church, your minister, or your faith? Are you seeking blame, pointing fingers, and looking for the perfect church? Church is for sinners, not for the perfect ministers or the perfect members. If you are upset with the minister, have your actions hurt him or her, or have they hurt your fellow members? Change can occur, but the change must be in our hearts  – not where we sit.

Holy week is the time for change of heart. It is the time of sacrifice, forgiveness, and joy in the Resurrection. Shouldn’t we be in prayer? If not now, then when?

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