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Spring hasn’t sprung yet, but it seems to be springing. The birds and bees are pairing up, building nests, and I was in the yard yesterday trimming stuff. Just wanted to put Dr. Griffith on notice, while I sit and record this drivel, Bobbye is in the flowerbed pulling weeds. It can’t be long before she will be in for her annual anti-hive treatment and I promise to not let her delay until she looks like a strawberry patch. At the first sign of itching, one of us will be on the phone trying to get in for an ocean of calamine lotion. Make sure you stock up on the necessary remedies so that I don’t have to suffer. Understand, she will have the malady, but I will do most of the suffering. Thank God for great doctors and their efficient staffs.

I haven’t brought in the bulldozer for the crawfish mounds yet, but Bobbye has already begun to point out the ant piles, saying that one of them looks like a termite mound we saw on a recent trip to Jamaica, so my days of lounging around in a nice warm house seem to be a dwindling number. My favorite weatherman, Rob Perillo, indicated that the 30-degree temperature we encountered in the last few days was the low temperature of the entire winter, so flies, mosquitoes and weeds will be in abundance this spring and summer. Oh, how I long for the days when diesel was all the weed killer I needed, and we had enough cows and horses to attract most of the flies away from the house.

My weed whacker and I did not have a good grass-trimming season last year. I seem to spend more time changing string, cleaning the spark plug, and pulling on the starter rope than I do actually do trimming the weeds. Since I only invest in the cheap junk and have thus far refused to invest in a commercial grade trimmer, I can expect to continue getting grief from this trimmer. My buddy, Jimmy, says I need to get a commercial grade trimmer, but then I would have to hire someone to tote that monster around, and before I do that I will just hire someone to take care of the yard. I think the price has gone up since I was mowing grass back in the 50’s and 60’s. I used to get 50 cents or a dollar to mow the neighbors’ yards, but now I have been convinced that the same yard where I grew up is now a bargain at $35 a cutting. I cut that same yard with a push mower, and when I say push mower, I’m referring to one with no motor, not a power mower that one had to push. That wonderful rotary invention would kill a good man in about two hours, and I wasn’t even a good man. Two hours was about as long as you could push the thing without having to stop and use a file to sharpen the blades. I tried to get Dad to let me raise some goats, but we couldn’t afford the fence, and I think the neighbors would have complained.

Just in case you haven’t finished your shopping yet, there are only 15 days left to my brother’s 60th birthday. Yes, that’s right. Tim West will be turning 60, just like bad milk. I have to admit  – though he is growing older, he has still refused to grow up. However, he does admit that nature has a way of reminding us that we someday may have to put away childish ways. I hope it doesn’t come too soon for him, as he continues to enjoy life to the fullest. He is beginning to love snow shoveling about as much as I love grass cutting, but he loves the mountains and will probably never return to the swamplands except to restock Cajun delicacies on his annual visits. Anyway, I am doing all I can do to remind him that he is catching up with me, not in years, but in mileage. I know he will be thrilled to read about himself, knowing that 10’s of people are reading this hooey all over the world. Well, he ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.

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