There is always room for a little more effort

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What drives you? We certainly are all driven by some invisible force, each of us in our own direction, speed, and intensity. Take for example, athletes. Some will be players, some will be watchers, some will excel, while others just participate. Yes, there are different levels of skill, and certainly some will prepare longer and more intensely but what drives some to reach higher goals while others are content to be mediocre?

This certainly does limit itself to athletics but is found in every genre of life. One can enter a restaurant and find some servers who will make you think that you are the very reason that he or she came to work on that day, while others will barely take notice that you are the reason that they have a job. While some people will climb the corporate ladder to the highest rungs, others are content to be rank and file workers in the corporate chain. Yes, education and opportunity are part of the equation, but there is in each of us, that force that drives us.

As a once avid bass fisherman, who could spend three or four days on a lake searching and waiting for one or two bites, but now I am generally happy to eat some bass that someone else catches. I still follow the sport and would enjoy spending time pursuing those elusive creatures, but don’t have that tenacity that I once found in myself, and wonder if just the occasional fishing trip is enough to quell that desire. Anyone who knows me well, knows that when I sink my teeth into something that I decide to pursue, I do so with an effort that, at times is maniacal. I fear that if I get a taste again, I would become once again addicted, and would spend all my time and money doing only that. Maybe it is because I seem to have tunnel vision when I begin a pursuit, pushing aside everything else that may need some of my attention. God tells me that I should maintain mediocrity in all that I do, but I fail miserably at that. Though I am “retired”, one cannot retire from life and its obligations. I am not one who can put aside doing and caring for those whom I love and cherish, and nor should I put aside my obligations of caring for my fellow man, but when I get lost in some pursuits, I do just that – forget or ignore some of those obligations. As a husband, father, grandfather, homeowner, community and church member and citizen of this nation, I have obligations to which I should attend.

I know that there are many in this world who do just that, ignore all else in pursuit of a desire, yet I know many others who seem to find a way to balance all that they accomplish, giving equal amounts of time and effort to God, family, work, and leisure pursuits. I seem to run out of energy before I accomplish all that I deem should be done. I know that my days, just like the individual hairs on my head, are counted, each diminishing with the passage of time. Therefore I have begun to limit some activities in order to complete others. It’s as if I have begun to, more selectively, pick my battles, concerned not only with making sure that my resources will last until my demise, but those whom I love will also be cared for after I am gone.

I’m not sure I like those choices, but time and mileage on this body have taken its toll. Yeah, I know many will say that I am still young, but each of us has limitations, some self-imposed, some over which we have no control. Regardless, we live with the limitations and those choices that accompany or are forced by those limitations. Meanwhile, I do try to live each day to its fullest, but try to force myself to stretch that fulfillment a little with the passing of time. Like my waistline, there is always room for a little more.

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