We could learn something from our kids

Youth get little credit and as adults, we only have ourselves to blame.

When you hear an adult of any age discuss ‘kids today,’ they mostly have complaints: kids have everything handed to them; kids have no respect; kids don’t understand the value of hard work.

Sure, not every kid is perfect and some do help to give the generation a bad name. However, so many more young people are leading lives that many adults could learn a thing or two from.

In the past week, the Jennings Daily News has introduced the public to three area youth who could teach us all a thing or to about life.

Last week, we wrote about Iota’s Joey Dupre, 12, who learned how to perform the Heimlich maneuver watching a television show. That lesson ended up preparing him to save his mom’s life when she nearly choked to death.

Today, we wrote about two local kids that also made our hearts swell with pride. Bryce Legros of Andrus Cove, 10, bought a wallet at a garage sale in Jennings this weekend. Once home, his mother found $226 in the wallet and asked what he wanted to do. Bryce said he wanted to find the person the money belonged to because it could be their last paycheck or money for food. Tuesday, he returned every penny to the young man it belonged to, who never knew he had left the money in his old wallet in the first place.

Hathaway High senior Carissa Fruge was chosen as one of eight 2013 Louisiana Young Heroes. Fruge, 18, of Jennings, has maintained a 4.0 grade point average while battling Swine Flu; a sciatic nerve injury that left her unable to walk without extreme pain; an auto immune disease, Reynaud’s Syndrome; and fluid around her heart.

Have you ever learned a skill that could save a life? Have you ever saved a life? Have you ever searched for the rightful owner of a valuable item in order to return it to them? Have you fought through medical and physical obstacles to still be the best you could be?

Many adults cannot answer ‘yes’ to all of those questions. Some of us can answer ‘yes’ to none of those questions.

We can think all we want about “kids today” and believe the younger generation is a waste. The truth is, many youngsters are doing more before graduating high school (or even making it to junior high) than some 80 year-old men have ever done in their own lives.

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