Are We Losing Our Freedom? Do Enough of our People Care?

Dear Editor,

Few people are taught, and therefore do not know, that only 4.5-5 percent of all humans who have lived on earth have lived and experienced “Freedom”.

When we read of the Egyptian Pharos, and the multitude of slaves working all of their lives to build a pyramid for the Pharos’ burial, we do not stop to think that this slave’s entire live was spent working for the pleasure of the Master, and that even his children were bred to be slaves and good workers for all of their lives also. This same scenario is repeated with the Chinese Dynasties, with the wars which lead to pillaging and other slavery around the world, the Mongol hordes which swept across Europe and the Middle East, the spread of Islam, and the Ottoman Turkish Empire, and yes even the slavery which existed within the country of freedom, the United States of America, where African tribes captured, and sold, their own people into slavery.

It has been proven philosophically that the human mind leans more easily towards “injustice” than it does to “justice” since the innate striving of each individual is to achieve more than the next individual who would be considered the rival. This seems to occur at all levels whether in sports, finances, prestige within community or politics.

To combat this human tendency laws are formulated which are intended to influence and correct this fault in human behavior and was expertly conceived in the U. S. Constitution which lead this country to be the leader and envy of all other countries for so many years.

Only rarely in ancient times were there mentioned rules of fairness or equal justice. One of these I had the pleasure of seeing first hand. “The Code of Hammurabi”; Hammurabi was the sixth Babylonian king who wrote the code of fairness to be followed by his rule and to affect his subjects. This was written in 1772 B.C. (before Moses), is still referred to in Law School teachings today, and the original is nearly 300 laws and rules inscribed on a seven foot tall stone pillar, in the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Roman Emperor Constantine accepting Christianity was perhaps the greatest of all reasons we have seen for a gradual path toward freedom in the world, but it has not been without much resistance. Christianity as taught by Jesus is a peaceful religion; Christianity run by the Catholic Church took many dangerous detours.  Europe went through the “dark ages”, the plague, nations fighting nations, and religions fighting religions. Corruption in the church was rampant through the reign of at least 6 or more popes. The Crusades and Spanish Inquisition produced cruelty unexpected anywhere much less starting from within the Christian Church. All of this evil eventually facilitated the Catholic Church at one time to become the largest landowner in Europe, and eventually led to the protestant reformation. Middle Ages Europe [476-1500] ended in near total collapse just prior to the discovery of the Americas, which again put the world on a path toward freedom. The “Church of Christianity” created many problems, the “faith of Christianity” kept freedom alive. The new country and its’ riches became the envy of all other nations and rekindled a new spirit of survival and enthusiasm across Europe. Freedom was again alive and well and on the move! You know most of the history from then till now, but what could take away our freedom or destroy our Nation?

How would an enemy Nation set about destroying another nation?

Creating disunity between religious or ethnic groups, disunity or jealously between financial un- equals, political parties which strive for power for the parties with disregard for the people they represent, allow education to loose importance, decrease military might ,create a state of dependency by the citizens to the state so that the state is perceived as the ruler rather than the servant, bankrupt the nation with excessive demands and entitlements to the citizen to insure their votes at election time,  and finally develop a national sense that belonging to a World Community is the path to follow rather than the individual pride of our country as we have created it, and have loved it in past years. Are you beginning to think as I am about where we are heading as a nation? We are there!

There are only two choices presently being considered. We must choose one!

#1 – A New World Order, Re-distribution of wealth, the U.S. being only a state in a world government, and under the supervision of world courts, world governments, and world financial control, with government, not people being the final authority. A system of Government furnishing the people with everything they think they need, or want, in exchange for their political allegiance and domination by their government.


#2 – We must re-establish America as the “dream country”. Balanced budgets, out of debt, strong financially, and militarily, and willing to aid any other country who wants freedom and our assistance because we are again strong enough to be able to offer that type of help.

We can revert back to the slavery of the Pharos or the Dynasties and be the slaves of big business, big government, and the financial elite, or we can continue along the hard fought path of freedom by insisting on individual justice, and demand that the people will be in control of government as our fore fathers suggested, not the government be in complete control of all its people.

J.B. Hargroder MD


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