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Since the last time we visited, I have enjoyed another birthday, complete with harassing cards, phone calls, and the usual snide remarks about aging. Sixty-seven years God has blessed me with life, liberty, and the pursuit of whatever I deem to be happiness, regardless of all that the government seems to want to keep me from achieving. My riches are untold in friends, family, health, and a wealth of opportunities to pursue.

Fishing has been back on my mind as of late, but the right timing, connections, and/or planning has not fallen into place. Been doing a little yard maintenance, not one of my favorite pastimes, but a necessary evil of the joys of home ownership. Thankfully, we are blessed with friends and acquaintances who can offer ideas and even a helping hand. My buddy, Jimmy, has my mower in tiptop shape so when I do get the notion to trim up the yard, I don’t have any problems on that end. I still haven’t made a decision about my weed eater, but I have solved the immediate problem by parting with a little money and having someone take care of the initial cleanup. I will have to maintain, but a couple of different guys came in and really cleaned up the place. Thanks to them for helping to put off the inevitable. I have temporarily sent most of the fire ants over to the neighbor’s yards, but the rain is falling as I type, and I am sure they will return soon. If that isn’t bad enough, I saw a couple of love bugs flying around the yard yesterday, so the car wash people will be boosting the local economy soon.

What with the Boston bombings and the stock market acting like a Texas jackrabbit on steroids, checking the news daily has been interesting. Though it certainly appears to me that we have more proof of foreign terrorists living among us, the politicians seem bent on pointing the fingers at each other, rather than doing something to protect our borders. While the White House cuts personnel at airports, slowing business and leisure travel, Congress is still mired in arguments over who should give up what while trying to reduce the budget. The 550 or so people who control the country can always find ways to agitate the voters like threatening Social Security, defense, and education, but they seem to overlook the possibility of cutting their own salaries and perks. I see the post office has decided to not do away with Saturday deliveries, because they got too much pressure from the postal unions, so I guess we will soon be paying $1 or more to have our letters routed through New York to arrive in Roanoke 10 days later.

Having another birthday has reminded me again of the brevity of life and I refuse to allow politicians to ruin my daily enjoyment of semi-retirement. We have worked to achieve that which we have, and though I will do battle with the politicians, money grabbers, and crooks to hold onto that small nest egg, I am choosing more carefully the battles. There are some days when I wake up and decide that the toilet paper and soap people need to be admonished for shady trade practices, and other days when I use those items as reminders that Washington needs both. You can use your imagination to complete this thought.

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