Increasing Sales Tax Hurts The Poor

Dear Editor,

I do believe that reducing the state corporate and income tax would benefit the state, but how can anyone with two brain cells and a straight face say that increasing sales tax does not hurt the poor?

A man with a family making $100,000 a year will pay, maybe $20,000 in income tax and $30,000-$40,000 on the “necessities” of a comfortable lifestyle, leaving a considerable discretionary fund of which he will spend only a part and save or invest the rest.

Yes, he will pay sales tax on that extra $10,000 on his upscale “necessities” and on all other comforts and luxuries but does that hurt compared to the tax on the entire $20,000 that the poor man must spend putting food on the table and a roof overhead?

I feel sorry for the guy who is addicted to cigarettes but why make him pay such a disproportionate share for something over which he has very little control?  Unfortunately, the poor man is just as likely, or more so, to suffer the addiction and that extra tax might actually reduce what he can spend on food or tempt him to steal the cigarettes.

I hope that the seldom-heard voice of reason will prevail in the legislature this term.


Earl Hargroder


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