Our government’s spending habits leave a bleak future

The Way I See It


We did not procrastinate on getting our taxes filed, so when April 15 rolled around on Monday, it should have been just another day, but there is something in my psyche about that day that just sets me off. Just from having worked for many years, Mondays already have a way of upsetting me, usually because we have just had an enjoyable weekend and the prospect of enduring another week at work looked like a mountain I really didn’t want to climb. When you add April 15, tax day, to the equation, it’s enough to put me in a dismal mood from the time my feet hit the floor.

Performing a little self-analysis, I discovered that parting with my money, except when and where I want to spend it, is a chore that just doesn’t sit right with me. Since I am convinced that I can spend my money more wisely than anyone else, it especially ticks me off to send it to Baton Rouge and Washington, where it will be spent on many projects that are not only wasteful, but should not be a part of government.

Even when the government spends our dollars on programs like the space program, which has been very beneficial to our world, we find those little aggravating facts like $300 hammers, $150 screwdrivers, and $6,000 lunches to further prove that they are not the least bit interested in serving anyone but themselves.

There has been much publicity lately of the Obama family vacations and their lack of concern over wasteful spending. I would not criticize their need for time away, but the leader of the nation should show a little more concern with dollars being spent when so many in this country are in dire need of the basic necessities. He and Michelle’s attitude seems to reflect, “We gonna get all we can get out of this ride before the curtain comes down.” His cabinet, Congress, and the rest of the bureaucracy mostly reflect the same attitude, when they could be a little more like Pope Francis and willing to ride the bus. While the people demand more efficiency in government, they all stand around and say they can’t find ways to cut.

We, the voters, are to blame. Through the years we have allowed the politicians to shield themselves from the people who pay them, allowing them “fat cat” salaries, plush offices, expense accounts, medical and retirement plans that few of us could ever dream of having. Yet, we are their bosses. When was the last time you were hired and immediately your boss paid you more than he or she was paid; gave you a full retirement check for life after working for only five years; and allowed you to go on “fact-finding missions to places like Rome, Paris, Las Vegas, Hilton Head and Hawaii?” Ludicrous to think about and preposterous that we allow it to happen.

The talking heads out there have a new term they are bandying about and the term is “the uninformed.” It is designated to be that group of citizens who don’t have a clue about what is going on in our world, nor do they care to know. They aren’t new, they just have a new title. It is obvious to many that there are some in this world who shouldn’t be allowed to vote, drive, or breed, but we are a free nation, so we must accept the good with the bad.

When top rated television shows are “Swamp People”, “Duck Dynasty”, “The Bachelor”, and “Ellen”; and we spend more dollars at the pet store than we do on education for our children, the future is pretty obvious.

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