Outlawing Special Interest Groups

Dear Editor,

In the United States of America, the largest entity is the government and the sovereign leader of the government, the President of the United States, is paid $400,000 through his annual salary. The President of the United States of America receives a salary that is minimal, at least in comparison to the salaries of chief executive officers of some of the United States’ larges corporations. Such a minimal salary is intended to eradicate individuals from running for office solely for self-benefit, rather than the consideration a politician has for the government itself.

Unfortunately, the valuable safeguard of limiting the salaries of politicians to a minimum is ineffective today because of special interest groups. Having special interest groups within the political spectrum contributes to ineffective politicians serving our government, and thus, will contribute to the demise of our government, which retains a monopoly on the freedoms and liberties, which we may take for granted, yet enjoy and would definitely long for upon being revoked.

A fundamental factor that would contribute to the demise of our government is the deficit of money. A vast majority of human beings are considerate with their personal finances, and they are knowledgeable to the extent of knowing that money, especially in ample sums, cannot be spent that is not already possessed. Therefore, it is inevitable and coercive to ask why our government appears so dumbfounded and inconsiderate within its own finances by continuing to spend, at an increasing sum, ultimately, increasing our national debt.

Being 19 years of age, I grew up with the existence of extensive negativity focused on our government, all being publicized by the vast media outlets of the period, which many elders consider modern, yet in truthfulness is not very modern in my perspective. After all, the period is the only period that I have ever been accustomed to. Therefore, I am not personally familiar with overwhelming, or so-called modern, changes within any era in my lifetime. However, being right out of high school, I have the understanding of the prosperity the United States of America once experienced, and what I have learned throughout the many history books that I have read remains fresh in my mind. Coincidentally, I dream of a day where the media outlets cover the strength and prosperity of the United States of America, instead of all the negativity which our government experiences and is witnessed through the media.

After extensive contemplation, I believe that by administering legislation to outlaw special interest groups, our government would be able to reclaim itself, and prosperity would become very visible. Special interest groups are homegrown terrorists, and I have extensively contemplated on using this terminology.  “Terrorism” is defined as the use of intimidation in pursuit of political aim. Special interest groups are not using violence, however, they are using intimidation in the form of money.

Money is the root of all evil! By contributing large sums of money to politicians, special interest groups contribute to influencing politicians to act in the advancement of their own self-interest, ultimately causing them to behave irrational and carelessly, in consideration of the duty they owe towards the government, and basically the preservation of the safeguard of eliminating politicians from running for political office due to self-benefit is dissolved.

Additionally, by eradicating the influence of special interest groups, the government would be completely re-claimed by the people and their influence, unlike the scenario that is taking place today with special interest groups. Also, by having our government run by individuals who truly took their oath of office upon the love and consideration they possessed for their country, the suffering that the United States of America is experiencing today would eventually be eradicated. After all, politicians today, valuing the ample levels of self-benefit, because of Special Interest Groups, participate in areas of concentration, such as re-election, that primarily benefit them. The personal opportunities are minor, in comparison to cost the government must pay for them.

We are the people of the United States of America! Our forefathers founded our government through hard work and dedication or life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Each and every citizen of the United States of America has inherited the government from their forefathers, therefore the people own the government. And unless we are willing to accept demise, we must stand up to preserve and protect what we own! In order to do so, we ultimately must stop the careless behavior of the politicians we elect to serve as the executives of the institution we own, which we also entrust our freedoms and liberties to.

J. Colby Perry

Welsh, LA

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