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Dear Editor,

The Muslims of the world have followed, to the letter, the instructions of Al-Sa-Wahari who was Bin Laden’s 2nd in command, now is running the show for Al-Queda. “Use the Westerners’ laws to infiltrate them , take advantage of everything they offer, overpopulate their communities to gain voting majorities in their government, and eventually bankrupt them while they spend 2 Billion dollars to protect future events from our 2 hundred dollar bombs.

Ideology: The assertions, theories, and aims that constitute a political, social, and economic program or society.

Indoctrination: To teach profoundly the beliefs and doctrines of a particular group.

The ideology of Islam is to have the world inhabitants belong to their religion, and be governed by Sharia law. They are a peaceful religion among their own , but to the infidel, or to the non conforming Muslim they are ruthless to the point of annihilation.

Their indoctrination begins with parents who have been brain washed indoctrinated since early childhood with the 5 pillars of their faith and forced in some cases to follow these rules of religion by special police. The first 3 pillars are the ones that guarantee the propagation of the faith. #1 Faith: Allah is supreme in authority and Mohammed is his messenger. This when read by the followers makes the teachings of any and all other religions secondary and incorrect because Mohammed being the last of the supposed prophets has gotten the most recent news, and rules of behavior, from Allah. #2 Prayer : 5 times per day mandatory prayer, and memorization of the Qu’Ran, enforced in many cases by special police. #3 Taxation: income to the religion and its’ spread guaranteed by the labors, [or welfare checks from western nations], of the followers. The final 2 pillars, fasting and annual pilgrimage to Mecca, are of lesser importance as it concerns the extremes of their actions.

Any young mind exposed to forced education and indoctrination by parents, police, Imams, and fellow Muslims, and free schools that offer minimal education outside of religion,[the one and only religion]and its’ importance, has little chance of freedom of choice as an adult trying to participate in a world society that doesn’t hold the same views on his religion.

The Qu’Ran , like the Bible was put together many years after the death of “ the prophets”. Mostly by word of mouth, and various collected written documents. Nothing told to Mohammed by the Angel Gabriel was apparently written down by Mohammed and collected as the word directly from God. A documentary “ Inside the Qu’Ran” done by National Geographic in Aug. 2008 and reported by the Miami Herald asks how can 2 groups of Muslims reading the same passages from the same Qu’Ran come to so many different conclusions? The suicide bombing Shiites, or the pacifist Sufi, who read, and believe, the exact opposite. How can a Woman Muslim be the head of state in a country like Indonesia, the worlds’ largest Muslim nation, and the Muslim woman in Saudi Arabia not being allowed to drive a car? The answer is that the Qu’Ran, like any religious writ, is full of ambiguities, vague metaphors, and even outright contradictions. [Which Bible verse do you prefer? # 1 Leviticus: Adulterers must be put to death” or #2 John: “ If anyone of you is without sin cast the first stone” Westerners can discuss discrepancies in the Bible; to contradict a Muslims’ interpretation of the Qu’Ran could result in death. To have you fully understand the dislike, and hatred for the West by Muslims I would have to go through the history of Muslim society , and books written by Daniel Pipes,” Radical Islam Reaches America”, and “ The Looming Tower” by Lawrence Wright. I’ll leave that research to the interest of the reader.

Since space is always limited let me close with an opinion that will surely cause much disagreement among a “politically correct” society. The time has come for profiling Muslims! 95% of all terrorist attacks around the world have been perpetrated by Muslim extremists. Governments prefer to be politically correct and not offend the so called peaceful Muslim community, and the peaceful Muslims have been so indoctrinated, and fearful of the radicals they will never speak out against their brothers who intend to conquer the world no matter how long it takes or the cost involved in human lives.” It is the will of Allah”. The radicals believe that anything that has not gone along with their plans including the Israeli homeland, and the losses suffered by Muslims in their attacks of Israel, is because they have deviated from the violent methods of war and capture of the early Muslims who have tried unsuccessfully so many times to rule the world. If we do not start profiling, and put an end to their ultimate plan, they will succeed in infiltrating, bankrupting, and destroying western civilization by using our laws of freedom. Remember, even the peaceful Muslims do not care for our culture because of their Ideology and indoctrination. Bin Laden and Al-Zawahari have told their followers that their $200.oo bombs would eventually bankrupt western civilization; are you willing to allow them to succeed? Wake up “Politically Correct”, America !

J B Hargroder MD


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