In Uncle Sam’s eyes, we’re all potential terrorists

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Well, thanks to my parents, I was raised a terrorist, at least according to the government.

Most of us are potential terrorists, anyway, according to an Army briefing that labeled Evangelical Christians and Roman Catholics as examples of religious extremists.

I myself was raised in a Southern Baptist (SBC) church so the government says I might be a danger. According to an article by Fox News journalist Todd Starnes (and I typically avoid even reading Fox News material simply because the corporation is kinda crazy), it was SBC chaplains who realized the official had been blocked at military bases across the country. Specifically, the message users received when trying to access the site read: “The site you have requested has been blocked by Team CONUS (C-TNOSC/RCERT-CONUS) due to hostile content.”

Now, I’ve visited the SBC site before. Sure, I don’t agree with some of the manmade rules the SBC backs in its churches but I have honestly never seen any material that qualifies as hostile.

Don’t get me wrong, you can find nuts in any church or religion. For example, no Baptists have publicly supported the Westboro Baptist Church, helmed by the crazy Phelps family (cue the banjos). I think they pretty much just call themselves Baptists. Anyway, those people are a good example of crazy: protesting funerals; celebrating the deaths of people of all ages and backgrounds; and thinking every single problem in life is connected to homosexuality. The government does nothing to stop Westboro from wreaking havoc on lives, claiming it’s all free speech, even though it’s all crazy talk. Meanwhile, levelheaded Baptists are planning vacation Bible schools and summer revivals but they get labeled as religious extremists?

I never lived through the Salem witch trials or the McCarthy Era; however, I sometimes feel like current American society is how those situations spiraled out of control. Want their land? Call them a witch. Want their political influence? Call them a Communist.

Of course, the accusations against Christians are somewhat humorous when you consider who is making the claims: Our government, that knew the Boston Marathon bomber was on a terrorist watch list and even received a year’s worth of food stamps; that knew there were security issues in Libya before the U.S. Embassy there was overthrown; the same government that knew of threats priors to 9/11; and so much more.

I’m just sayin’, either the government isn’t that great at thwarting terrorists or somebody is letting a few things slide in the name of politics.

All in all, the government’s irrational fear regarding Christians comes down to this: The government knows that most people will always be loyal to this country but not the people in charge.

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