Law enforcement deserves our appreciation

Some of the most vital members of our community seldom receive the appreciation they deserve despite the ways they daily strive to protect and serve us.

This week across America is known as National Police Week, a time meant to not only honor those police officers working the daily beat, but also those who gave their lives in the line of duty.

We often take our law enforcement officers (LEOs) for granted and complain about the work they do rather than appreciate it. We complain when they do too much in one area or not enough in the other but we seldom ask what we could do to help make our communities better.

Our officers work to ensure traffic laws are followed to protect us and our loved ones as we make daily journeys to work, school, grocery stores and more; if we call to report hearing even a twig snap outside our homes, an officer arrives to make sure all is safe; even for petty calls like a stray dog sleeping on someone’s lawn, law enforcement will come because it’s not only their job, but a commitment they made.

Sometimes we don’t see the very serious side of LEOs jobs, though. When a crash is reported, you will see area officers jumping from their units at the scene, rushing to see how they can save a life or calm down a shaken victim. You will see officers running into burning homes and buildings just as you would a firefighter. When there is a report of gunfire, whether in a residential neighborhood or the open rural areas, LEOs respond to those scenes, too, knowing they could be met with bullets. Despite the complaints we make against law enforcement, how many of us would have the guts to do that job for a small check and no thanks?

A career in law enforcement does not guarantee great pay. The hours are long and tiring; the work is overwhelming and dangerous; and many times, LEOs have to do their jobs without moral support from the very people they serve.

We do have incredible law enforcement officers in Jeff Davis Parish. There are so many men and women who make our communities safer and society more enjoyable simply by being on duty each and every day.

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