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Dear Editor,

Muslim women are not as smart as men and are servants to men. All rights belong to the man in Muslim law. If you should change religion you are supposed to be stoned to death.

They slowly advance into a country but, they are not interested in assimilation. They will build their own schools to be sure their children do not assimilate into the culture of that country.

Democracy is not acceptable in this setting, but only their strict Shiria ways so they patiently wait to rid the world of democracy.

Church attendance is down and teenagers are not certain what is religion. They see marriage as no longer lasting. It is now flexible and there are many fatherless children growing up.

I think that this radical Muslim religion is a death to others and that it will slowly destroy as it advances.

Under Muslim reign women will lose their hard-won independence as will our citizens lose their hard-won, blood bought freedoms which we take for granted instead of protecting them faithfully. The dress of women will change into one of a shadow, they will lose the freedom to drive, party, or express themselves in clothes of eye catching colors and styles.

They wait with patience while their numbers become greater so that one day they can change a country into what they want.

Wake Up, America! Unconcern and passivity could be a road to destruction of America as we know it.

Dick Waltrip


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